Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 337

Chapter 337: Waiting To See A Joke 1
Chapter 337: Waiting To See a Joke (1)

Huang Yueli clapped her hands and immediately agreed, No problem!

Immediately after, she turned and went back to the tent she was in previously.

Li Moying followed her closely and entered the tent as well.

Huang Yueli turned and looked at him and raised her eyebrows. Dear esteemed Senior Brother, why are you following me? Isnt your darling Junior sister a Second Ranked Array Master? Why dont you follow her? Arent you afraid that wed be surrounded by Magical Beasts if you stayed with me?

He had just taken a step in and flipped the cloth flap down. Immediately after, he reached out , hooked her waist and brought her into an embrace. He lowered his head and sealed her lips.

Mm His little fox doesnt eat very cleanly, look here, theres still some taste of the barbequed meat from earlier.

Only after a long while later did he raise his head and look at the little fox red face and he stuck out his tongue to lick her lips one more time before he looked satisfied.

Tastes good He said with a smirk.

Smoke almost rose from the top of her head!

This man was too..tootoo much! She had already warned him upteen times that he was not allowed to kiss her, its obvious he had not listened to the words she said! Moreover his tongue was really too mischievous as a man, he was too shameless to sell himself using his charm! Ahhhh!

Huang Yueli rubbed her lips vigorously with the back of her hand and scolded: Perverted pig!

Li Moying was not the least bit daunted and still spoke very gently, I am your fianc, of course I will stay together with you! Also, I trust that whatever you do have a reason behind and you will never harm me.

Wellat leastshe still likes to listen to his honeyed words!

Huang Yueli removed her gaze and looked afar as she laughed lightly. However, it seems that your Junior Sister doesnt think so?

Well, that girl has been spoilt since young, leave her be, let her be taught a lesson! Li Moyings eyes were cold when he said this.

The two of them had finished discussing and came out of the tent.

Huang Yueli drew a circle on the ground and began to lay her array.

Murong Ni looked at her from afar and her gaze was filled with ridicule.

If one wishes to be an Array Master, not to even mention a first degree realm cultivator, only those who were at least at the third degree realm could try because the demand for mental fortitude was extremely high. For the average person, if they were at the fifth degree realm, they could only barely lay out a first tier array.

Looking at this devious fox, she only had the cultivation of the first realm and she actually wants to lay out a Beast Diversion Array? This was simply an impossible task!

Under the gaze of everyone, she paced around her chosen area silently and she circled it, deep in thought as she started fervently calculating and drawing it out in her heart.

After a few moments, she raised her head and asked Li Moying, I dont have the materials needed for the array. Youve already promised to supply me the materials just now, so you can take them out now!

He nodded his head gently.

Murong Ni couldnt bear it any longer and interjected, I have to sayMiss Yue, youre starting to lay out your array already? Youve already calculated the direction of the qi pathways of the array pattern?

Huang Yueli simply replied with mmm.

Murong Ni let out a contemptuous laugh as she retorted, Miss Yue, have you ever thought that you have over simplified the entire process of laying an array? Do you think that deducing all these is akin to a three year olds arithmetic problem? Just simply using your fingers and count? You didnt even bring with you an array board and you still have the cheek to call yourself an Array Master?

To lay an array, there was a need to link up with the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi. There was also a need to take into consideration other factors that may influence it such as environment, people, direction and weather. Before laying one out, there was a huge amount of calculations to be made and to deduce one before drawing it out was the most important step. As they say, a tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake. If there was a slightest error in calculation, it would be devastating.