Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Waiting To See A Joke 2
Chapter 338: Waiting To See a Joke (2)

For the majority of people, these deductions werent possible to complete just based on mental calculations. However, if an Array Master goes around with a huge stack of paper filled with complex formulas, it would still be detrimental to the image of an Array Master.

Hence, they came out with a unique tool solely used for calculating all the different aspects the Array Board.

With the help of an Array Board, Array Masters are able to complete all the deductions, covering the most important step.

Moreover, even with the assistance of an Array Board, an Array Master still needs at least an hour to fully link up all the information and complete the calculations of a simple array.

For an array of a higher tier or a more complex array, it was not unusual to spend a few days and nights.

However, what just happened? She didnt even have an Array Board with her and just by standing there for a short while, the time taken was not even enough to drink a cup of tea, she declared that she had already finished her preparations.

Who was she bluffing?

It was obvious that she didnt know how to calculate, she was just standing there to put up a show only!

Murong Ni sneered in her heart, even more convinced that Huang Yueli had no idea about arrays at all! If that was the case, seeing her make a fool out of herself would be worthwhile.

Li Moying replied gently, What materials do you need?

Huang Yueli immediately said out a long list of materials: Scarred Striped Rain Flower Stone, Golden Green Jade, Blood of an Ice Attribute Magical Beast.also the crystals of the wind, earth and water elements.

These were all very common materials and were all available within his interspatial ring. With a flip of his hand, he retrieved all the mentioned materials.

However, on the other side, Murong Nis eyes almost fell out as she gaped in astonishment.

She then cried out, Wait a minute, these these are all third tier array materials!

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows, And what business is that of yours?

Murong Ni laughed out, What do you mean what business is that of mine? Just now, who was it that said that a Beast Diversion Array was a second tier array and if its raised to a third tier, it cannot confine the qi and it would in turn attract Magical Beasts? Then how about yourself? You are using third tier materials to lay an array? Arent you just slapping your own mouth?

Huang Yuelis hand movement paused for a moment, turned around and smiled in a condescending manner. I said to only use second tier materials because your cultivation is too low and your skills in Array formation is too lacking. You have no means to control a third tier array, so it would result in that kind of situation! But of course, in such a large world, its impossible for everyone to perform as badly as you, thats why there are also third tier Beast Diversion Arrays that have been strengthened and reinforced! Do you now understand?

Did you just say that my skills are bad and lacking?! Are you completely blind? A sixteen year old Array Master, in the entire South Sky Region, there are only a few!

Murong Ni felt insulted, she was a genius! That blind ignorant fox demoness! Here she was, a genius second tier Array Master, yet that fox demoness did not recognise her awe?

However Huang Yueli did not bother any further and continued laying her array with the various materials in hand.

Her speed was very fast, more surprisingly, the materials and crystals used was only a fifth that Array Masters usually used.

At the same time, Murong Ni also fixed up her original array.

Two arrays were completed and between the two, there was a huge contrast.

Murong Nis array was filled a large variety of colourful crystals and the entire array looked very complicated and intricate. With one glance, one could tell that it was carefully laid out.

On the other side, it looked very pitiful and it looked like a few crystals were barely scraped together and the distance between each was very far. There were only a few array patterns and they were all small and sparsely located, the entire array looked extremely unremarkable.

If one didnt know beforehand, who could think that this was even an array?!

Murong Ni did not come over to find any fault this time round because after seeing the array paid out by Huang Yueli, she had already determined in her heart that the fox demoness who had seduced her Senior Brother was a utter and complete fool.