Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Nightfall 1
Chapter 340: Nightfall (1)

After all, an array made up of so little materials was simply unheard of!

Huang Yueli smiled and asked everyone to step in.

Her fingers gently tapped the crystal that lay in the arrays core and it started to absorb the qi of Heaven and Earth, as a dim light started to run across the entire array and all the lines across the array emitted a faint glow.

Against the dazzling and flamboyant display from Murong Nis array, Huang Yuelis array paled in comparison.

Only a wisp of blue light dimly flashed by, if one did not look closely, it wouldnt even be visible.

And it was precisely just this dim blue light that flashed by so quickly that as soon as the entire array had lit up, when all the array patterns had been connected, the blue light faded away into the darkness completely.

Murong Ni laughed when she saw this.

Hahaha, Fifth Brother, look at that Yue Lis array! Its too hilarious! Lets not mention how dim the light was, but in just a flash, it had been snuffed out! What do you think happened? Something went wrong? It broke down halfway? To think that theres even such a joke happening! Hahaha!

Luo Jiyun just smiled wryly.

Indeed, as Murong Ni had pointed out, it seemed that Sister-in-laws array seemed a little unreliable.

The arrays that he had seen thus far all had resplendent lights and usually the more dazzling the lights were when the arrays were activated, the greater the powerSister-in-laws one seemed a little defective

He started to worry for his Senior Brother.

It seems that tonight, he had to pay special attention to the other side, if theres any trouble, he could still go over and lend a hand!

Luo Jiyun said with determination, Head in and rest first, I will keep watch.

Although they were protected in an array, however, they were spending the night in Dark Moon Forest, and there might always be a risk in such a dangerous place, so there was still a need for someone to keep watch.

Moreover, they only had one tent, no matter what, a lone man and woman living together would not be good.

In addition, Luo Jiyun was also worried for his Senior Brother so he took the initiative to keep watch.

Murong Ni had no objection and went into the tent to rest.

Luo Jiyun sat in front of the tent and looked across and found the situation to be a little wrong!

In that camp, it seems that there was no one keeping watch at all!

Initially, he thought that he might have been wrong and rubbed his eyes blinked them a few times however, there was no change. Two tents stood there without anyone outside to keep night vigil!

He immediately stood up.

Youve got to be kidding!

The whole group of them stayed in such an unreliable array, without knowing if it is even working they actually did not even send anyone to guard?

Even if Senior Brother trusts Sister-in-lawwhat about Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San? They were actually at such ease that they didnt even need to keep guard and went in to sleep with such ease? This shouldnt be what a subordinate should do?

However, no matter how restless he was, he had no means to go across to the other side.

Once an array had been activated there wasnt a way out unless the Array Master deactivates it or if its been forcefully broken from the outside!

The sky grew darker and darker.

Once night fell on Darkmoon Forest, there were a lot of movements as Magical Beasts started to prowl the lands looking for prey.

Luo Jiyun was the only person in the entire party of seven that didnt sleep and had no notions to sleep.

He felt that he was playing the role of a mother, worrying for each and everyone of them!

He sat within the array and had seen quite a few Magical Beasts walk by, but they were all low grade beasts, all first or second tiered Magical Beasts whose prowess were relatively low.