Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Murong Ni Kneeling And Begging For Help 2
Chapter 343: Murong Ni Kneeling and Begging for Help (2)

The Iron Claw Silver Wolves surrounding their camp also recognised that their success was near.

A few wolves exchanged glances and suddenly jumped into the air together and launched an attack in unison!


With a large bang, Murong Nis array was officially scrapped and the few Iron Claw Silver Wolves did not stop in their tracks as they ran towards the two prey within as a silver glint shone as they struck out their sharp claws.

Luo Jiyun had already prepared himself earlier and with a loud shout, the longsword in his hand was rushed towards the wolf that was leading the attack.

When the Iron Claw Silver Wolf saw its own blood drip down the blade, the green in its eyes deepened as its gaze sharpened. It seemed even more stimulated than before as it howled and turned its body and pounced towards Luo Jiyun as if seeking vengeance.

Luo Jiyun was defending the flurry of attacks from its lethal claws from all directions.

He was at the second level of the fifth degree realm. Being from a large sect, in terms of techniques and skills, they were all top notch. Even his battle strength was higher than a normal cultivator of the same rank by quite a few levels.

If this was a one on one fight, he would definitely have it easy defeating one Iron Claw Silver Wolf. Maybe even two would just take a little more effort.

However, now there were six Iron Claw Silver Wolves! Moreover he now had an extra baggage Murong Ni!

Murong Ni was only at the first level of the fourth degree realm and since her specialization was on arrays, in terms of battle strength, she was really lacking. Her usual battle strength was already a deficit and being overtaken by fear, even simple dodging was a problem as she stood there dumbly like a sore thumb.

In order to save her, Luo Jiyun was injured in a flash.

He couldnt take it and shouted at her, Murong Ni! Run quickly! Stop spacing out! Hurry and run over to Senior Brothers camp and seek help!

Murong Ni finally snapped back to her senses and as if roused from a dream, she looked at the direction Luo Jiyun was pointing at and rushed over!

The moment she moved, one Iron Claw Silver Wolf chased after her.

Luo Jiyun did not seem to care about himself as he dashed after that wolf and blocked it.

However, his shoulder was caught and a long gash across was immediately seen as fresh crimson blood spilled forth as he let out a loud groan.

Murong Ni felt a cold chill as her whole body started trembling. She had finally came to a realization how close to death she was and she quickly picked up her speed not caring that she wasnt wearing any shoes at all. She didnt dare to even turn back and dashed madly in a beeline straight towards Huang Yuelis camp!

Help! Help! Senior Brother, Help!!!!

Murong Ni was screaming loudly as she ran. However, there was still no movement on the other side of the camp.

To her horror, she realised that this was a type of array that isolated noise and those in the array could not hear anything that was happening outside.

She gritted her teeth and pushed herself even further, while she congealed all the profound qi she could muster and. braced herself as her speed increased beyond her own limits as she struck into the array!

This was the most powerful attack that she had learnt!

Murong Nis response was the right method, since the people in the array cant hear them, then the most efficient way now was to get their attention by attacking their array!

Only when facing an attack would the people in the array know!

However, what happened was entirely different from what she had imagined. She had used her entire reservoir of profound qi in this strike yet there wasnt any shock from the impact at all.

Instead, her palm felt like she had hit soft cotton instead.

All the power seemed to have been absorbed and her palm went deep into the array but then it bounced back out gently.

Murong Ni had used all her strength in this strike and this time round, she was pushed backwards by a few steps before she came to a stop.

Although she did not suffer from any wounds, but she was shocked to the extreme!