Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Li Moying Strikes 1
Chapter 345: Li Moying Strikes (1)

Under the veil of the night in Dark Moon Forest, the first half of the night belonged to the lower tiered Magical Beasts where the first and second tiered Magical Beasts were the most active. Hence, Murong Ni and Luo Jiyun would be safe during this period.

Only after midnight would the third and fourth tier Magical Beasts come out to hunt.

At that time, Murong Nis self acclaimed Beast Diversion Array would be like a lighthouse in the night, attracting all kinds of fourth tiered Magical Beasts to it.

They would be in danger then!

Although Huang Yueli did not like Murong Ni, however, she was still the Junior Sister of Li Moying and she didnt want her to die.

Although Murong Ni was annoying, Luo Jiyun was a good youth and if he were to die just like this because he was dragged down by Murong Ni, it really was too sad.

Therefore, Huang Yueli had already prepared in advance and had already given Li Moying and the rest a heads up.

They had to be prepared to save them when they were in danger.

When the Iron Claw Silver Wolves appeared, several of them had already woken up but Huang Yueli was still asleep and Li Moying did not want to wake her up. That was why only when the Iron Claw Silver Wolves had started to attack the array did she begin to stir.

When she woke up, she saw that Li Moying was seated beside the entrance of the tent and looking out. With the moonlight illuminating that perfect side profile, it was an extremely dazzling sight to behold.

Huang Yueli pursed her lips, she remembered that just before bedtime, the man had stuck to her shamelessly like glue and insisted on sleeping in the same tent as her.

At that time, she had firmly opposed to that arrangement.

Men and women are different! We cant sleep in the same tent! Go and sleep with the other men!

Li Moying immediately showed a face filled with grievance. How can I do that? Afterall, I am their Master! If I sleep with them, they wouldnt dare sleep already and would even run out on their own! This wouldnt be fair to them, right?

Anyway, there are two tents, one for male and the other for female, thats very reasonable!

How can it be reasonable? One for the engaged couple, the other for the singles, thats more reasonable!

Who is an engaged couple with you?!

Huang Yuelis rage exploded but in the end, she still allowed the wolf into the same tent.

Fortunately, the man, although cheeky still behaved appropriately and did not take advantage of her. The two of them sat down and cultivated while facing each other before falling asleep.

After she woke up, she went to his side and observed the situation of the other camp with him.

At this point, the Iron Claw Silver Wolves had already broken the array and was rushing towards Murong Ni and Luo Jiyun.

Huang Yueli had not expected that their luck to be so bad, the mb attracted turned out to be the Iron Claw Silver Wolves!

That was akin to the existence of the king among the fourth tiered Magical Beasts!

And to have encountered six in a pack.

She furrowed her brows and looked back at Li Moying but found that there was not a trace of nervousness on his face at all. His gaze was locked on the Iron Claw Silver Wolves.

Very soon, Luo Jiyun could no longer hold on and Murong Ni was in a panic and had rushed over to seek help.

Li Moying, I will deactivate the array now and you guys can go over and save them.

Li Moying shook his head.

No hurry, wait a bit more.


Huang Yueli was slightly taken aback.

If it was someone else, she wouldnt be so nosy and do such a troublesome thing, but since these were the same disciples of the same sect as Li Moying, she had offered to deactivate the array to save them.

Who knew, their own Senior Brother seemed to be more calm than her?