Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Li Moying Strikes 3
Chapter 347: Li Moying Strikes (3)

Huang Yueli sat by the side and observed the situation for awhile and very soon she could not help but shook her head.

Ahhh! That strike! The blade could obviously connect and chop off that Iron Claw Silver Wolfs head! Why did he suddenly shrink back?

Thats because he is very kind in nature and the very thought of cruelly cutting off the head of the wolf softened his heart. Li Moying replied.

She turned and looked at him incredulously with wide eyes.

No way! There should be a limit to being kind? How could he be kind to this extent? Where do you find someone whos on the verge of getting their own head bitten off still be so considerate and soft hearted? This is too abnormal!

Li Moying chortled as he looked at her colourful expression.

I dont think that its him being abnormal but your own mentality is too strong! Usually girls around your age would scream and cry when they see blood. Who would be so ferocious and clamour to chop off the head of the wolves?

Huang Yueli pouted and retorted unhappily, So, you think that I am too violent?

His little fox was angry!

Li Moying quickly changed his tune and averted the topic, Look quickly! I was right, only until he is pushed close to the edge of death.would there be results.

In the beginning, Luo Jiyun only injured the wolves but he did not deal any killing blows.

He knew that he should be decisive in the battle however only the heavens knew that the very thought of chopping their heads and the disgusting scene of the wolfs brain spilling out, his blade had subconsciously recovered an inch.

However, six Iron Claw Silver Wolves were really too much to handle and the pressure exerted on him was immense.

Although he had tried his best be on the offensive, however, very quickly he was ridden with wounds and one claw even came so close to tearing off his arm!

Seeing that Murong Ni was screaming, jumping, yelling, kicking and punching, yet all was quiet from the other camp, Luo Jiyun thought that his Senior Brother was in deep sleep and wouldnt be able to save them.

Life and death were just a fine line apart!

Just at this moment, Luo Jiyun closed his eyes and let out a loud shout, as he swung his sword down and a golden light shot out! It was a dazzling golden ray of light that was imbued with his profound qi!

This blazing trial of golden light flashed by the Iron Claw Silver Wolf and the next moment, the silver wolf was split into two!

Luo Jiyun opened his eyes and saw the grotesque scene of fresh blood flowing and the innards of the wolf spilling onto the ground, he almost retched out on the spot.

However, he had no time to even vomit.

Another wolf lunged towards him and the blade in his hands was already prepared as he converged more profound qi.

Perhaps because this was the first time he had used such a brutal way of killing a Magical Beast , this had in turn broken through the biggest hurdle in his heart. So although he was nervous , but when he made a move, he was much more assertive and decisive.

Very quickly, he had slain yet another Iron Claw Silver Wolves and had severely wounded another!

However, he had almost completely exhausted all his profound qi by now.

Seeing that there were still three Iron Claw Silver Wolves which remained uninjured and two were rushing towards the defenceless Murong Ni, he truly felt despair!

Another silver wolf leapt high in the air towards him as it aimed for his throat.

He made preparations to die along with it.

Just at that moment, the wolf that was still in midair suddenly seemed to have stiffened.

Immediately after, it fell directly and slammed onto the ground with a resounding bang. Its head dived down first and it died on the spot.

There wasnt any obvious wound on the wolf, only a pin sized hole on its chest. If one did not look carefully, it couldnt even be found.

This was an extraordinary sword intent that had been converged to such precision and it was driven straight through the heart!