Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 35

Chapter 35 do Not Insult My Intelligence
Chapter 35 Do not insult my intelligence

Wait, wait. This young master, dont be so hasty.

Hastily, Shopkeeper Sun went to block his path.

He was someone who held open doors towards business. Unlike Grandmaster Yan who was subjective.

He had concluded that though the chances of this youngster possessing third level armaments were very low, let alone a whole cartful. But since he dared to come to Thousand Treasure Pavilion, he should at least have some sort of treasure within his grasp.

Even if he assumed it to be a second level armament, it was something he could not miss.

With a pleasant tone and smile he said: This young master, why dont you take the armament that you brought with you out and let us see it. The person beside me is the Armament Associations Vice-President. He is a grand Third Tier Armament Master. If your armaments can be appraised by him, they will definitely be able to fetch a high price.

Third Tier Armament Master!

Turns out he was the Armament Associations Vice-President!

My god! He is a such a famous person!

Hearing that, the customers within the store all started to exclaim in surprise.

On Grandmaster Yans face was an expression of content. It was clear that he was a person who enjoyed the worship of others.

Casting Huang Yue Li a side glance, he said: Old Sun, its not that Im not helping you, but it is just this brat is shooting his mouth so ridiculously. Its unknown where he found those rubbish armaments. Yet he is randomly calling them third level items. Completely unaware of the heavens height and the earths depths! Does he think that armaments are like cabbages? These actions are insulting us Armament Masters! This senior will absolutely not help appraise them!

Hurriedly Shopkeeper Sun consoled: Grandmaster Yan, please dont bicker and bother with the younger generation.

As he spoke, he used his eyes to signal Huang Yue Li to apologise to Grandmaster Yan.

Ignoring this old man, Huang Yue Li took out a piece of paper she had prepared beforehand and handed it to Shopkeeper Sun.

Shopkeeper Sun, this is a rough summary of all the items. Because there are far too many items, it is inconvenient for me to bring them all in. I have placed them in a cart outside.

As Shopkeeper Sun scanned through the list, his gaze immediately turned blank. It was if he was a statue carved out of stone, not moving at all. Thisthis.this is.

Never before had Grandmaster Yan been ignored like so. Just as he was thinking how he wanted to slap that little demon to death, he saw Shopkeeper Sun face form an expression akin to seeing a ghost.

Surprised, he asked: What is the matter? Is it really a pile of junk? This type of boastful youngster, this senior had seen too many!

Taking the paper from Shopkeeper Suns hands, he gave it a look. His hand trembled.

One Third Level Upper Grade weapon; Profound Weapon Autumn Water Sword, two Third Level Middle Grade weapons; Profound Weapon Nine Part Whip..Third Level Lower Grade..Profound Jewel? ? ? What jokes are you making?

Armaments were divided into Profound Weapon, Profound Armor and Profound Jewel. These three categories.

r, like armor, but since this is a general term so please bear with this.)

Within them, the Profound Weapon armaments contained the most attack power, the easiest to refine and the lowest in prices. The defensive Profound Armors were second.

While Profound Jewels were armaments that held special abilities. They would commonly possess unique attributes and each one would be unique. They were the most precious.

Additionally, not all Armament Masters are able to refine Profound Jewel Armaments.

Even though Grandmaster Yan was an esteemed Third Level Armament Master, he was only able to refine Second Level Lower Grade Profound Jewels.

However, there was something even more shocking on this list.

.At the end, there is even an entire set of defensive Profound Armors. This included a helmet, suit, wristguards, bootsa total of thirteen items. The entire set could amplify ones defensive abilities by threefold and included a unique skill?

After reading this list, Grandmaster Yan was so astounded that his beard was trembling.

But very quickly, the corners of his mouth rose, revealing a contemptful smile.

Little demon, your knowledge towards armaments isnt shallow, even knowing what an armament set is. You must be a child from an influential family, no? But your lie is far too big. You are blatantly insulting this seniors intelligence!