Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 2
Chapter 351: Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core (2)

However, Murong Ni jumped out begrudgingly.

Yue Li, are you kidding me? You are only of the first realm, in what way would you ever need to use Magical Beast Cores of such a high tiers? Moreover, you even need Senior Brother to take such a huge risk for you by personally heading into such a dangerous place to get it for you!

Huang Yueli knitted her brows, As for these Magical BeastsI naturally have my own use for them. However, why should I tell you the reason? Even if I told you, you wouldnt be able to understand.

This could be considered the most undisguised contempt and provocation.

However, after the previous episode of the array joke, in terms of worldly experience, Murong Ni no longer dared to think of her as a country bumpkin.

Now, she could only use Huang Yuelis low cultivation as her weak point to attack and she would always bring rise to it once in a while.

You! Dont you know that the Profound Lunar Jade is very important to Senior Brother? Its an extremely important matter to him! But in order to help you attain those Magical Beast Cores of your, it is delaying his matter and if we miss the opportunity, the consequences would be dire! Just to satisfy your own happiness and vanity, you are troubling Senior Brother to help you do things that may affect his big matters, thats too selfish of you!

No matter how she looked at Huang Yueli, Murong Ni found her not pleasing to the eye.

This time round, Senior Brother had specifically entered the Dark Moon Forest for this important matter and yet because of this fox demoness, he still deliberately took a detour to help her get what Magical Beast Cores!

On top of that, they were Fifth and Sixth Tiered Magical Beast Cores!

What kind of concept was this? Sixth Tiered Magical Beasts were on par with cultivators of the seventh realm! Even if Senior Brother could kill one, it wouldnt be an easy battle.

In addition, Senior Brothers status was so prestigious, but for a fox demoness that came from a backwater kingdom, he would actually stoop so low and risk his life for her?

However, in exchange, Murong Nis remarks only got Li Moyings cold glare.

Shut up! Who gave you such audacity to talk this way to your sister-in-law? This matter was decided on my own accord and not what she had asked me to do. Im sure that you all should know very well by now that if its not something that I wish to do myself, no one can ever force me to do anything!

Murong Nis heart thumped loudly.

She had known his strong personality. However, it was because she knew it that she was unable to accept that the usual aloof Senior Brother had actually willingly did everything for this insignificant girl! This was too heart wrenching!

Why was this girl not her?

In his eyes, there was only that fox demoness.

When Huang Yueli heard them argue, she frowned and turned to look at him: I didnt know that your matter was so urgent, since you need the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, lets hurry and finish up your matters first. Lets look for another chance next time to get those Magical Beast Cores.

Li Moying shook his head and replied earnestly, Theres no need to, in terms of timing, well definitely make it on time. After all, its only Fifth and Sixth Tiered Magical Beast Cores. I just need to be more careful and Ill just need a few extra days to get them. Theres no need to specially wait and do it another time.

Since he had put it like that, Huang Yueli nodded her head happily.

Li Moying did not even bother to look at Murong Ni any further and led the team deeper down the path.

Murong Ni saw everyone walk ahead and stomped unhappily on the ground.

Luo Jiyun could not help but shook his head and sighed, Junior Sister, stop looking for trouble with sister-in-law! I can see that she is quite a good person, not only is she beautiful and adorable, she is also very knowledgeable, not to mention her arrays