Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core 4
Chapter 353: Fifth Tier Magical Beast Core (4)

Donning a black robe and with his calm demeanour, his dark obsidian eyes looked at it indifferently.

He stood there quietly, motionless.

The Single Horned Flame Bull rushed straight in his direction and its huge and heavy body made loud rumbling noises as it moved with vigor as the ground groaned and trembled beneath it.

Li Moying still had no expression as he stood there with his hands behind his back calmly.

Until the Single Horned Flame Bull had rushed in front of him, Li Moying suddenly moved and his figure seemed to be an illusionary shadow momentarily before it returned back to his original position.

The Single Horned Flame Bull passed through his figure and continued to rush on forward.

However, this time, it had only taken seven steps.

When it took its seventh step, it suddenly gasped its last breath and with a reverberating loud bang, its huge body crashed onto the ground and its eyes flared wide open, filled with disbelief.

Huang Yueli was taken by surprise and blinked curiosly.

She walked over to the huge beast that lay on the ground and walked around it, searching for clues.

Like the Iron Claw Silver Wolf, there was no obvious wounds on this stupid bull. There was only a pin sized hole at the position of its heart.

A sword intent that had been condensed and pierced through its heart in one single strike!

The same move; clean, cool and efficient!

The Iron Claw Silver Wolf was known for its speed however its defense was only average, as long as its weakness was grasped, it was not difficult to defeat it.

But this was the Single Horned Flame Bull, it was totally different!

It was a Fifth Tier Magical Beast and its defense was extremely amazing. Even for an ordinary cultivator in the sixth realm to break brought its defense, he would need to expend lots of effort.

However not only did Li Moying penetrate through its tough defense, he did it only in a single move! A single strike pierced straight through its heart!

This kind of attack power.was on par with cultivators of the Eighth Realm

Moreover, he did not even have a sword in his hand. With just pure sword intent, he had already achieved such an incredible level!

This was an inborn talent, he was a natural born killer!

In view of his young age, his talent was even above Mu Chengying!

Actually, Huang Yueli suspected that he might have a special physique. Didnt the Little Phoenix mention before that this mans blood was noble? Even for the divine beast, the Phoenix had felt a natural pressure from it?

While Huang Yueli was still in a daze, Li Moying had already taken out a sharp dagger and lodged it into the position of the heart. With one turn and one deft flick, one Magical Beast Core that was surrounded by a dazzling red glow had been dug out.

Little Lier, heres the Magical Beast Core that you wanted.

Wow! This core is filled with abundant energy, thank you!

After she thanked him, she kept it immediately.

When she saw Mo Yi and the other two deal with the body of the beast, she couldnt restrain herself once again.

That horn! The Single Horned Flame Bulls horn is a very good material for alchemy, be more gentle a bit.youll definitely be able to retrieve it in one entire piece, cut it from there

Li Moying looked on in humor as he shook his head.

The habit of the little fox started again, in her eyes, the attraction towards all these materialsseemed to be more than him!

The entire process of killing the Single Horned Flame Bull was very smooth, however, there were very few of them. It took about three days when they barely found nine of them and hunted them all down.

Next in their agenda was to find and hunt down Sixth Tiered Magical Beasts, things wouldnt be as easy