Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Back Within Seven Days 2
Chapter 355: Back Within Seven Days (2)

Li Moying was stunned for a moment before he revealed a teasing smile.

Not going to charge me for it?

What kind of situation was it? He still had the cheek to talk about this?!

Huang Yueli retorted back : Just keep it on tab!

Li Moying smiled get again and said , You money grubber, I cant afford it! Just keep it yourself and keep it for yourself, dont underestimate your man. Protect yourself and dont let others despise your man, its only a sixth grade beast, just wait for me to come back.

Li Moying was like a bolt of lightning, with lift of his legs, he had already moved ahead and one could only see the shadow of his silhouette.

The rest of the people still couldnt react in time.

Li Moying has always been very resolute on his decisions and made them very fast. This wasnt considered a very rare, the only rare thing would be that because of a single word from Huang Yueli, he was smiling so happily about it.

Damn it, was the sky gonna rain red? Huang Yuelis influence towards him was seriously too inclined.

Mo Yi was the first to come back to his senses as he said, Since Master had already decided, then we must quickly leave this place. For the next few days, we have to hurry to the outer perimeter. Since Master is not with us, we have to protect Third Miss well and try to avoid any unnecessary battles.

All the other subordinates nodded their heads in agreement.

Murong Ni sneered as she said : No wonder its someone whos dragging our hind legs! We even have to pay special attention to her protection!
Luo Jiyun furrowed his brows and looked back and said, Junior Sister, please dont say another word.

Did I say anything wrong? Isnt it a fact that she is only in the first degree Realm? If not for us, how could she stay so safe in the Fifth Tier Magical Beasts gathering area?

Murong Ni turned towards Huang Yueli, her gaze filled with jealousy.

Speaking of which, Senior Brother treats you very well! Not only did he help you personally hunt down the Magical Beasts for their cores, he even gave you so many high grade armaments!

Murong Ni was staring at the armaments when Huang Yueli had taken them out and was convinced in her heart that Li Moying had given them to her.

It also made sense since Huang Yueli came from such a small kingdom. Moreover, in the entire continent, to there werent many fifth tier armament masters to begin with. So where could a little girl like her get so many high grade armaments from? It had to be that fox demoness who seduced and cheated them out from her Senior Brother!

Are you talking about these.?

Huang Yueli looked at Murong Ni as if she was a joke.

This self absorbed rich girl must have thought that once Li Moying had left, no one would stand up for her and she could take this opportunity to do whatever she wanted and stir up more trouble.

However, Murong Ni had missed one very important fact. She, Huang Yueli, was never one who needed a man to rely on as her backing!
Huang Yueli was organising the armaments in her hand and when she touched one of them, her hand moved suddenly.

A streak of light shot out in the direction of Murong Ni.

The speed of this streak of light was too fast, going even beyond the speed of a cultivator of the fifth degree realm. Before Murong Ni could react in time, even Luo Jiyun could only shout out, Be careful! but he could not save her in time.

This streak of light shot towards Murong Ni and went by her cheek just by a bit as it blazed its way beyond her.

It landed ten metres away on a towering tree behind her and there was a huge explosion. The explosive power was gaping A huge tree which the entire circumference needed ten people to join hands to go around it its top was blown into smithereens just like that.

Everyone looked at this scene with a stunned expression.

That treeseems to be renowned for its hardness the Crimson Rose Fir

Yes, and looking at its circumference, it looks to be about thousands of years old, the older the Crimson Rose Fir, the tougher and harder it is..

Damn! Even that could blow a hole in it, if it was a person, wouldnt that just be THE END? This should be an unusual kind of flame?

Well, one must still be able to hit the target first however, looking at that terrifying speed just now, any cultivators below the fifth realm can forget about avoiding it!