Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Back Within Seven Days 3
Chapter 356: Back Within Seven Days (3)

In a few mere moments, everyones gaze towards Huang Yueli were filled with awe.

Murong Ni was so scared that she had lost all colour on her face.

When that streak of light was shot in her direction, she really could not react in time and there was no time to even put up any form of defense. If it had hit her instead, she would be reduced to a pile of ashes by now!

Just thinking on this point, Murong Nis entire back was drenched in cold sweat.

Yo..You..Yue Li you actually

She was talking incoherently with trepidation, stuttering as she tried to speak.

Huang Yueli slowly straightened her back and kept all the remaining armaments away before she cast a side glance towards Murong Ni.

Oh, so sorry about just now! My hands slipped..

Hands slippedhands slippedhands slipped

Everyone looked at her as a drop of cold sweat trickled down

Dear future sister-in-law (Mistress), when you are looking for an excuse, could you not be so perfunctory? If your hands slipped, would it be so accurate to have brushed past Murong Nis face so closely?

If her hands slipped, she could still blow off half of an aged Crimson Rose Fir?

What if her hands had not slipped then?

Murong Ni also heard her perfunctory excuse and was pissed off but even thought she was boiling inside, having experienced all that just now, she really did not dare say anything out now.

Huang Yueli walked past her but stopped momentarily as she coldly said, Do you think that I need to rely of Li Moying as a backing? You are wrong, the one who wants to rely on him as a backing is you instead! Ive spared you on his account, but since he isnt here nowit seems that maybe I dont need to think so much on behalf of him? Hmmm?

Murong Ni quivered and shook like a willow.

Thinking back on this fox demoness performance over the past few days, and her resolute strike just now she could not help but feel scared.

Huang Yueli no longer said anything and strode forward to the front of the team.

This path that they were on was a long way and they had to be careful to avoid various Magical Beasts on the way. That was why they could only travel during the day and set up camp early to prepare for night and hide within the array that she had laid.

Hence, they took very long to walk along this path.

Taking about five days, they had finally reached the marked point on the map that Mo Yi held on to.

Thats great! Just looking over from this point, we are able to see the white glow of the veins. It looks like we just need another half a days time and we would reach! Luo Jiyun happily said.

Huang Yueli nodded her head: Thats right, we are already very close. However, there are numerous Magical Beasts surrounding such veins, we still have to proceed carefully. Lets stay here for the night and set off early tomorrow.

No one else had any other opinions and they started to set up the tents.

Only Mo Yi was still holding onto the map, his face fraught with worry.

Huang Yueli walked over and asked him, Big Brother Mo Yi, is anything the matter?

I Mo Yi hesitated for a moment before he continued on, I am worried about the Master.

Huang Yueli blinked and said, Li Moyings strength, you should know the best. Just a few Six Tier Magical Beasts are just like appetizers to him. Theres no need to react like that

Mo Yi replied, If there is plenty of time, naturally I have nothing to worry about. The problem is that now we are reaching ahemanyway, theres not much time for Master. If he does not reach the Profound Lunar Jade veins in time, things would be bad.

What do you mean by that? What matter does he have thats so urgent? Huang Yueli asked in astonishment.