Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble.again 2
Chapter 358: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again (2)

However, for cultivators such as Luo Jiyun who had come from the large sects, such a small amount of money was negligible.

Adding on to the fact that operating mining veins was a huge hassle. Moreover this vein was located so deep into the forest and on top of that, it was in the territory of fifth tiered magical beasts. Lower levelled cultivators would not be able to make it here that was why this place was left untouched.

After hearing her explanation, Luo Jiyun had on a dejected expression.

Oh, alright, just when I was thinking that I could make some money!

He was pretty poor, he needed a lot of resources for his cultivation, however, he was neither an armament master or an array master hence he could not earn money this way. He was also not as capable as Li Moying, after entering secret realms, he could come out with full pockets of treasures.

That was why he had been living very frugally.

Huang Yueli laughed and spoke in a secretive manner: Actually, every vein would definitely have one jade quintessence. That is the one thats worth the most money, once weve finished our business, Ill take you to look for it.

Jade quintessence? Is that even worth more than a high quality spirit jade? Luo Jiyun asked spiritedly.

Thats for sure! She laughed and replied, Jade quintessence has the ability to transform the surrounding stones to spirit stones and spirit jades. The formation of the vein is formed precisely from that piece of jade quintessence! It takes tens of millions of years to form and slowly transform the surrounding stones. With the jade quintessence, do you still have to worry about not having enough spirit stones to spend?

Wow! Theres actually such a good thing!

Luo Jiyun was excited and he even started to follow her behind and flattered her continuously.

Dear smart and beautiful sister-in-law, please hurry and bring me to find the jade quintessence! This life I shall be at your beck and call!

This moment, Murong Ni felt the scene in front of her very glaring.

Although Luo Jiyun was a goody two shoes and he was very nice to everyone in the sect, however, he had pampered her the most!

Now, everything is just great. Even he had defected to that fox demoness side!

Murong Ni hatefully looked around as her mind was working at incredible speed to think of ideas when there was a sudden epiphany.

Hadnt Mo Yi been saying that Senior Brother had an urgent matter and he was in a hurry?

If.She could be the first to find that profound lunar jade before Senior Brother returns, wouldnt that save him lots of time?

This way, he would think that she was thoughtful and considerate and may look at her differently!

With this thought in mind, she kept thinking and the more she thought about it, the more convinced she became.

It looked like that Yue Li didnt even care about Senior Brothers matters and he had only instructed them to let her keep the materials. If she could find the profound lunar jade , she would definitely stand out!

Senior Brother would then know who was the one that truly cared about him!

Murong Ni was very happy at the thought when she suddenly stood up and walked towards the direction of the vein.

The rest were all sitting around, listening to Huang Yueli introduce and explain various armaments. No one had noticed that Murong Ni had ventured off alone in the direction of the vein.

Only when Mo Er was about to prepare lunch then everyone had noticed that the party was short of one person!

Where is Miss Murong?

I dont know, I last saw her resting by that tree, how did she disappear in the blink of an eye?

Everyone dispersed and searched for her in the vicinity.

Murong Ni! Murong Ni!

Miss Murong!

Junior Sister? Where are you?

However, it was to no avail, everyone had already combed the vicinity and there was not a shadow in sight.

When everyone gathered together, their faces were solemn, their expressions grim.