Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble.again 3
Chapter 359: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again (3)


I dont have anything here either!

Same here, nothing!

Everyone discussed their findings and ended up without any clues.

Thiscould it be that Miss Murong met with an accident? There are still some Magical Beasts lurking about nearby, although the map states that it is a relatively safe region but accidents may still happen.

However, if she was attacked and taken by Magical Beasts, there should still be some form of struggle? No matter what, she is a cultivator of the fourth realm, how could she disappear without crying for help?

In the entire group, the one that was most nervous was Luo Jiyun.

Murong Ni was brought here by him, moreover now that Senior Brother isnt around, it was his responsibility to protect her!

If anything untoward had happened to her, how could he explain it to his Master?

No, I have to go look for her! The more he thought about it, the more anxious he was and he almost stumbled when he stood up.

Wait a minute, what are you in such a hurry for? Do you know which direction to search for? Without any leads, searching aimlessly would only delay our time!

Hearing her words, he stopped in his tracks but his face was filled with anxiety.

Then what should we do?!

Huang Yueli looked at him and replied, Young man, with such an impetuous temper and yelling out in such exasperation will do you no good! Am I not thinking of a way now?

She was much younger than Luo Jiyun and she still had some childlike semblance that had yet to mature so speaking like a wise and older person was quite a funny sight.

However, at this time, no one noticed this and all of them anxiously urged her.

Third Miss, have you thought of something?

Sister-in-law, just say it already! Dont drag it out any longer, the suspense is killing me!

Huang Yueli smiled and said, When we stopped to rest, I had already arranged a Beast Diversion Array. That trunk that Murong Ni was resting on was also within it. Although I cant guarantee that my array can block all Magical Beasts, but if a Magical Beasts enters it, I would definitely know.

Mo Yi frowned, Third Miss you mean.

So, it is safe to say that Murong Ni was not taken away by a Magical Beasts but instead, she had left the array in her own accord.

What?! Luo Jiyun was taken aback. Why would she take such a huge risk by leaving the array? What does she want to do?

Huang Yueli sprawled out the map in front of her and tapped on a few locations as she started contemplating deeply.

Well, Im not her, how would I know whats going in that head of hers? I can only make a rough guess This is her first time to Dark Moon Forest, so she wouldnt run around on her own without any aim, so the most plausible reason would be that she had entered the Spirit Jade Vein.

What?! That cant be true? We are going to enter it either way and very soon to boot, why would she run in on her own?

Thats right, that shouldnt be the case?

The Spirit Jade Vein is so close but its guarded by many Magical Beasts, isnt it just seeking her own death if she heads in herself?

Huang Yueli replied, However, this has the highest possibility. She didnt seem like she was going to run home alone? As for why she did this, would most probably be that she wanted to look for the Jade Quintessence herself to seek fortune, or it could be that she wanted to help Li Moying search for the Profound Lunar Jade? Well..who knows?

Huang Yueli had actually guessed eighty percent of the truth.

However, the others still found it hard to believe because they couldnt understand how could anyone be so stupid!

However, because there wasnt any other leads, they all unanimously decided to first head into the Spirit Jade Vein to search for more clues.