Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble.again 4
Chapter 360: Murong Ni Stirs Trouble..Again (4)

The six of them rushed off in the direction of the Spirit Jade Vein without even having lunch.

Originally, they hadnt planned to enter the area surrounding the Spirit Jade Vein.

It was because they knew that the nearer they got to the vein, the more magical beasts there were.

The heaven and earth profound qi in which the Spirit Jade Vein emitted was not only beneficial to human cultivators, they were also very important to magical beasts. Just by cultivating close to the Spirit Jade Vein, ones cultivation speed would already increase.

That was why, anywhere within the radius of three miles from the vein would be the most dangerous place. This was where most of the fifth tier Magical Beasts were most active.

Since the beginning, Li Moying had already agreed with them that they were to rendezvous at the outer perimeter and would only enter the inner region when he had joined the party and they would then enter the vein together.

Who knew, Murong Ni had suddenly disappeared and they had to bring forward the plan and enter first.

Mo Yi was still feeling a little apprehensive as he spoke out, I think its still better that we do not enter the three mile radius. The most we can go would be just at the border of it, anyway if Miss Murong really went there, she wouldnt be able to travel so fast as well. If she had really traversed this path, we should be able to pick up her tracks along the way and find her from the trail.

Everyone nodded her head in unison and picked up their speed as they headed carefully towards the vein.

Just as they were about to enter the radius of four miles, Huang Yueli suddenly called out.

That that pink piece of cloth over there looks very familiar.


Luo Jiyuns gaze followed the direction in which her finger pointed to and all colour drained from his face.

Oh no! That belongs to Junior Sister and its been torn to this extent! It looks like she really headed in this direction towards the vein and it looks like shes met with some trouble!

Huang Yueli furrowed her brows and exchanged glances with Mo Yi.

It was at this moment when there was a sudden shrill cry of help.

Help! Help me! Boo hoo hoo, Fifth BrotherBig Brother Mo YiHelp me!

Its Junior Sister!

Miss Murong!

Everyones complexion changed when they heard that cry for help. Luo Jiyun, Mo Yi and Mo Er immediately flew out like arrows in their fastest speeds in the direction of the voice! Only Mo San stayed behind to protect Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli knitted her brows and stayed at her current position.

Murong Ni really knew how to stir trouble! Seriously, if anything untoward happened to her, she could only blame herself! Moreover, Huang Yuelis current strength could not help much and would only drag everyone down, hence she didnt have any notions to act as a hero and join in the fray.

However, after waiting for more than half an hour at the same spot, there still wasnt any sign of anyone returning.

There was only distant sounds of weapons clashing, fighting and beast cries from afar.

Huang Yueli concentrated and listened to the sounds, trying to discern the situation. Suddenly, her expression turned grave and anxious as she quickly called Mo San, Not good! It seems like they are in trouble! Lets go over and have a look!

After saying, she sprinted over.

Third Miss! Wait! Mo San could not stop her in time and could only chase her from behind.

Huang Yuelis face was solemn, it was because she had used her consciousness to explore the situation. However, in the midst of the qi fluctuations, she had picked out a barely audible unique sound.

It was a very high-pitched sound that could not be heard by the human ear. It was a very dangerous signal that this particular magical beast uses to summon its companions.

She had also encountered this type of magical beast in her previous life. At that time, she was already in the seventh realm and yet she had almost forfeited her life there and then!

Third Miss, dont be so rash! Mo Yi and the rest wouldnt have much issues facing fifth tiered magical beasts dont worry

After much difficulty, Mo San had finally caught up with her. He was standing behind her but when he raised his head to look up, his whole body froze and his mouth fell wide open.