Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Escape 1
Chapter 361: Escape (1)

In the vast sky above, there was a huge cloud of flying magical beasts! Their body resembled a bear with a thick coat of fur, however, they each had a black pair of delicate wings like a cicadas. With their wings spread out, each wingspan was at least forty metres long!

What was more scary was that this type of magical beast had a blood red pair of eyes and a long creepy tongue that was equally red. Just one look at this ghastly beast would make all hair stand on ones back.


Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats!

Although Huang Yueli could calmly say the name out, however, in her heart she felt tremendous pressure.

Scarlet Eyed Blood BatsAlso a Fifth Tiered Magical Beast but they were extremely dangerous. Even for cultivators in the seventh realm, they may not be able to handle them all and would try to avoid them at all costs.

Generally, the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats inhabited in caves, but they lived in colonies and each cave had at least a few thousands of them!

As long as any one of them is provoked, the entire cave of them would awaken and they would not stop but continue to seek more companions as they chased down and pursued the prey relentlessly.

However, the most frightening thing about these magical beasts was their means of hunting. After biting down on the prey, they would suck out all their blood immediately, leaving just an empty and dried corpse.

Facing them now was exactly a large cloud of these blood sucking beasts!

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Luo Jiyun had already tried their best and killed a few Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats but there were simply too many of them! The entire sky was blotted out by them in one massive black cloud.

The few of them fought and tried to pave a path for retreat as they tried to rush back into the forest.

Huang Yueli hatefully spat out under her breath Damn Murong Ni! before she rushed out.

When she was about a mile away from them, she raised her right hand and three balls of thunder flame shot out in the direction of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.




The three balls of thunder flame exploded in a series of continuous explosion, the destructive force was massive as the sky was lit ablaze as dozens of Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats caught fire. They screeched and fell onto the ground as burning balls of fire.

This Thunder Flame Ball of mine is worth lots of money, this time Ive used three in succession. Hmph! Murong Ni, be prepared to go bankrupt! Huang Yueli looked looked afar at the burning ground and her heart ached.

Not only were these Thunder Flame Balls fifth tiered, but the reason behind its powerful explosive force was that these were imbued with True Phoenix Flame!

If there to be auctioned out, each Thunder Flame Ball could easily fetch ten thousand low grade spirit stones!

Thanks to this short break, Mo Yi and the rest could finally catch their breaths as they protected Murong Ni and made a mad dash for safety.

Huang Yueli shouted out loud, Dont go into the forest! Head there instead!

She was pointing towards a bare mountain cave in the distance and immediately ran towards it!

Things were too sudden and she had no time to explain.

Normally, being chased by a massive cloud of flying magical beasts, peoples first reaction would be to seek shelter from the forest. With the foliage and towering trees to shield them from the prying eyes above, they would feel that they would have a large chance to escape and that would be the safest bet.

Well, for normal flying magical beasts yes. However, this would be the opposite for the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.

That was because, they did not rely on their sight to hunt down their prey. They actually relied on echolocation using ultrasounds to track and locate their prey.

Most people did not know this fact and once theyve reached the forest, the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats are not the least bit affected by the change. However, it was the humans that cant see the impending danger and the situation outside. Very quickly, they would fall prey to a sneak attack.

Whats worse, they didnt even know how they died!