Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Escape 2
Chapter 362: Escape (2)

Fortunately, Mo Yi and the rest did not hesitate. When they saw Huang Yueli had taken down quite a few Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats when she attacked, they had immediately followed her and headed in the direction of the cave!

All of their cultivation had exceeded her by quite a large margin, hence after running for awhile, they had already overtaken her.

Mo Yi and Mo Er were worried that the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats may catch up to herin the end, they each both grabbed one arm on each side and pulled her along.

As Huang Yueli ran along begrudgingly, her heart was stifled with anger.

Her low cultivation. was really a huge problem! In the past, it was always her who had to drag people along, where did she ever give others a chance to drag her?

This Flame Spirit Physique was also too infuriating! Although its supposingly an innate physique gifted by the heavens, however the conditions to advance are really too harsh!

The speed of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats were extremely fast, adding on to the fact that they were flying magical beasts. With a flap of its wings, it set off a huge gale.

As the few of them ran with all their might, they ran past the mountain cave that she had pointed out earlier. However, the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats were still pursuing them relentlessly and it seemed like they had even increased in numbers.

Looking back, all one could see was one huge mass of creepy black wings, it really made ones flesh crawl.

What to do? We cant shake them off!

Damn it! This is not normal! Usually if we leave their area of activity, they wouldnt continue in pursuit!

Huang Yueli furrowed her brows deeply and asked, Murong Ni! What the hell did you do just now? Why would you attract such a large cloud of Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats?

By now, Murong Ni had already ran until she could no longer feel her legs yet no one had taken the initiative to help her and pull her along. In order not to lag behind, she had already mustered all her strength to flee. At this moment, she didnt even have strength to talk properly.

I*cough cough* ..Idont knowwhen when I was near the vein accidentallyaccidentally stepped on a small blood bat it looked super scaryeven its whole body was dyed red like blood II wastoo scared..and..killed it who knows..after it diedso manybats started chasing me from behindI ran..and ran..

Damn! Why dont you just change your gender with your Fifth Brother? Huang Yueli could not help but ridicule.

As a man, even at the verge of death, Luo Jiyun did not dare to kill. However, Murong Ni whose appearance was that of a beautiful young lady, did not even hesitate to kill an innocent little bat for no reason!

Luo Jiyun who was innocently dragged in could only laugh bitterly as he asked, Sister-in-law, I did not provoke youcan you quickly tell us what should we do now?

She was obviously the one with the lowest cultivation among them all, yet after spending the past few days together, they had already deemed her to be the second most important person in the team.

Now that Li Moying was not here, when met with danger, the first thing that came to their minds was to seek her opinion.

Huang Yueli replied, After hearing Murong Nis story, the one that she had killed should be the young of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat King. Only the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat King and its descendants have a blood red body. So it looks like it wont be easy to shake off these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats, our only option left is to fight!

Fi..FiFight?! How can we fight?! Theres so few of us, look there! Its a massive cloud of them there! Or Sister-in-law, are you saying that you have a hundred of those Thunder Flame Balls?

Huang Yueli could not help but glared at him, Even if I have a hundred of them, I wouldnt waste them on saving someone who has seeked death themselves!


Murong Ni was furious, she was so angry that she wanted to refute but she couldnt.

Huang Yueli looked at the surrounding terrain when her eyes suddenly lit up. Ive got it! Lets go over there! She pointed out in a direction.