Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Finding A Way Out 1
Chapter 363: Finding a Way Out (1)

Just three miles ahead, two mountains stood side by side.

The two mountains were very close to each other, leaving only a narrow gap in the middle, enough only for two or three people to pass through.

This was the legendary Heavens Line!

The few of them saw that from afar and immediately understood Huang Yuelis intention as a spark of hope ignited in their hearts.

With this spurring them on,everyones legs felt lighter as they sped up and rushed into the gap.

Because the gap was very narrow and the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats wings were very wide, only one to two blood bats could pass through this narrow passage at one time. This had eased the pressure off their backs as the number of Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats had significantly been reduced.

Towards the onslaught of such a small scale attack, with the strength of several cultivators of the fifth realm, one person was sufficient as they took turns to cope with the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.

Finally, everyone could heave a sigh of relief as they bent down and gasped for their breaths.

Da..DamnI thought we were done for! I dont want to end up a shrivelled up corpse huuuuuu Luo Jiyun cringed when he thought back on the dried corpse along the way and he started gagging.

Huang Yueli couldnt help but laugh, Junior Brother Luo, your courage is too small! You should learn more from that Junior Sister of yours!

Thats called recklessness! Theres no way Im learning from her, if I want to learn, Id rather learn from you Sister-in-law. You are courageous and have a lot of skills! You are a heroine! No wonder you even managed to melt that huge iceberg Senior Brother of mine!

In just a short span of ten days, Luo Jiyun had already been thoroughly filled with respect towards Huang Yueli.

From the bottom of his heart, he really respected and admired this future sister-in-law of his, there was even a shred of envy hidden towards Li Moying.

Not only was Senior Brothers ability astounding, even his luck was heaven defying! To have met such an amazing girl like sister-in-law just how did he even get to meet her?

When Murong Ni heard his words, her heart was uncomfortable but she also knew that she herself was to blame for this near catastrophe. She did not dare utter a word and only sat with her head hung low in a stupor.

Huang Yueli also had no time to take care of such an unruly little lady with a princess syndrome.

She turned her head to take a look and saw that Mo Yi was still wielding his long sword and was diligently slashing away at the approaching Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats.

No matter how many corpses of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat had piled up before them, the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat seemed to not fear them as they continued to rush at them in a mad frenzy. The Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat rushed to squeeze into the tiny gap as they all had on sinister glares that clearly indicated that all they had on their mind was to suck their blood dry!

Huang Yueli stood up and said, The way things are going now is also not a long term solution. There are a few thousands of these Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats, we cant continue on like this. This would only be an endless slaughter and we wont even know when they would retreat! Theres also no way we can stay tens of days in here.

What should we do then?

She replied, I would like to trouble three Mo Big Brothers to hold the fort here while Luo Jiyun and I go explore where this path leads to. If we can find an exit, then we would be able to escape safely.

She had only comforted the few men and didnt bother about Murong Ni.

Murong Ni staggered as she stood up with wobbly legs as she took the initiative and said, I..I will also follow you!

Not because she was not able to contribute much to the small team but because she wanted to follow Luo Jiyun.

She could clearly see that in this team, only Luo Jiyun was concerned about her life and death. Those three guards of Senior Brothers orders were only to protect the Third Miss! That didnt include her at all!

Huang Yueli could see her intentions and gave her a meaningful smile and did not say anything further as she walked ahead.