Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Finding A Way Out 2
Chapter 364: Finding a Way Out (2)

The three of them trudged along the narrow passage as they ventured further and further in.

At the beginning, there was still some light that had shone down from the peak, however, the deeper they went, the dimmer it became. The peaks here were much higher from where they entered and the sunlight could no longer reach the far depths of this narrow gap. As it got darker and darker, the path could no longer be seen clearly.

Luo Jiyuns complexion paled, Sister-in-law, dont tell me that this path leads to a dead end? Moreover, its really dark in here, the sunlight isnt able to reach here, if we continue to tread down this path, will there be any problems?

With the snap of her fingers, a flame appeared at her finger tip.

Huang Yueli flicked it in the air and the flame flew out in an arc and suddenly eight similar sized flames danced in the air.

With another deft movement of her fingers, these eight flames flew to the front on their own and spread out on each side of the mountain wall, illuminating the entire path as if it was day.

Luo Jiyun looked dazedly when he saw what just unfolded before his eyes. This was a very difficult feat to achieve! To even be able to control each flames size, brightness and each was identical, this could only be done by a cultivator of at least the second realm.

However, Huang Yueli was only of the first realm, which means that her fire attribute talent was at an absolutely terrifying level!

Being a seventh grade talent of the gold attribute himself, he still felt that in terms of harmony between himself and his attribute was far lacking compared to hers!

Even Murong Ni who saw the scene before her was shocked, it looked likethis country bumpkin her talent wasnt as bad as she had thought!

Huang Yueli replied, Lets head in further for a bit, I have this feeling that this is not a dead end because theres still wind blowing through, so there should be an exit somewhere further down.

Hearing her words, Luo Jiyun and Murong Ni both became alert as they followed her down the path.

Sure enough, after they persisted on, they finally saw the exit.

Murong Ni rushed over ecstatically but screamed out loud, Ah! Why is it the edge of a cliff!

Huang Yueli and Luo Jiyun rushed over as well and discovered that the other end of this gap was actually the edge of a cliff. If they walked ten more steps, they would be at a precipice and when they looked down, it was just a pitch-black abyss that looked endless.

They looked at each other.

Youve gotta be kidding? Dont tell me there is no other way? On one end, we have those Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat, the other is a cliff

Murong Nis face turned white, her face crumbled and looked as if she was going to cry any moment.

Huang Yueli remained calm and studied the surroundings. She suddenly said, Look, the mountain wall on this side isnt very high, if you can climb up the vines and walk over from the top, it should be feasible.

Luo Jiyuns eyes lit up, Sister-in-law, your eyes are really sharp!


Before Luo Jiyun could even smile, he was scared by this but of Huang Yuelis and his face remained sombre.

But if we climb up this way, it would take a lot of time, if the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat follow the path and chase us down, it would be very dangerous to battle with them, we might even accidentally fall down the cliff.

Then what are we to do? he asked.

How about this, I can set up an array here, and seal the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats within for an hour. This period of time should be enough for us to climb up and escape. After that it would be difficult for them to track us down after that.