Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Falling Into The Abyss 1
Chapter 365: Falling into the Abyss (1)

Luo Jiyun said, Thats great! Its still the best to rely on Sister-in-law! Ill go and inform the Big Brothers.

He hurried back along the same path.

Murong Ni also wanted to follow him but she was stopped by Huang Yueli.

Dont be in a hurry to leave first. Come over and help.

Youre asking me for help? Murong Ni was surprised.

Huang Yueli nodded her head Thats right, the area needed to control this array cant be too large. Im afraid that I cant completely block the exit thats why its best to have two arrays instead. One on the left and one on the right.You are also an Array Master so stay behind and help lay the other array!

Murong Ni widened her eyes and sneered.

Hahaha! Theres also this day that you would seek my help? Arent your standards for arrays very high and wouldnt even look at me, who is a low levelled Array Master?

Huang Yuelis expression sank, Please dont misunderstand. I am not seeking for your help. I am helping you save your own life! If you arent afraid that youd be sucked dry by the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats later, then you dont have to stay behind to lay the array!

Hearing such words that she could not refute, she couldnt say anything but her expression darkened.

Huang Yueli pulled out a drawing of an array formation and passed it to her.

Just follow this array formation, if youre unsure of anything just ask. For the materials you should have them all? These are all common second grade materials and crystals, as an Array Master, you should have them readily.

Murong Ni was used to being spoilt and unruly, usually, other than Senior Brother, she wouldnt listen to anyone elses instructions.

Not to mention this fox demoness she hated the most!

However, the situation called for it and she could only choose to bow down to the person she hated for now.

Murong Nis heart was filled with unwillingness, however, she could only take the drawing and start to study it.

When she was about seventy percent through studying the drawing, Huang Yueli started to lay the array.

There were quite a few points which she wasnt too clear however she would not ask that fox demoness for advise! Sticking onto her stubbornness and pride, she could only depend on herself and started to lay the array.

Seeing that Huang Yueli had almost laid out half of the array, Murong Ni could only grit her teeth and using the vague understanding she had in her mind, she took out the materials and quickly started to lay the array.

At the start, everything was still fine. Being a Second Grade Array Master, she still had the necessary essential fundamentals.

However, when it was time to draw the array pattern, she started to falter.

Even though the drawing had been marked in great detail, she simply did not understand some of the rationale behind certain drawings and with these left unclarified, this became an arduous task.

Murong Ni wrecked her brains until her head started to hurt, but she still could not understand it.

She turned to glance over at Huang Yuelis progress and found that she was almost done with her array. She gnashed her teeth and could only bend down and started drawing.

Drawing this way, in terms of speed, it was much slower and would even make it more confusing.

When she was about a third done, she felt that she could not continue on.

It was at this moment when a voice rang out from behind her.

If you are going to continue drawing to your left, this entire array would become scrap! This part of the array is to let the wind element flow up and down the range of the array, so it should go up a little

The voice of Huang Yueli was calm and collected, she only spoke on the facts, without any hint of emotions.

However, these to Murong Nis ears were simply harsh words!

As the renowned youngest genius Array Master, her dignity and pride was once again crushed!