Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Falling Into The Abyss 2
Chapter 366: Falling into the Abyss (2)

Murong Ni gritted her teeth and spat out, Who needs you to bother! Of course I know how the profound qi should flow in the array! I am a Second Grade Array Master who had been accredited, how can I not know this!

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows. Alright, if you know it, then continue.

Huang Yueli did not say anything further and Murong Ni forced herself to calm down and try to comprehend everything on the drawing.

However, it was still useless.

Just now, what Huang Yueli did was to just point out the principles behind the array pattern. However, based on just Murong Nis own comprehension, no matter how many times she looked at it, she was still confused!

Although this sealing array could be laid with tier two materials, however, it had a much deeper depth beneath it and its complexity was much higher than ordinary third tier arrays! Laying it out was comparable to laying a third tier array.

Murong Ni was feeling more and more anxious, and with the sudden trembling of her hand, a stroke was immediately drawn.

Luckily, the moment her hand shook, a hand immediately pressed down firmly on her wrist and stabilized her movements.

Murong Ni, do you really know what youre doing? At a time like this, can you not be so proud? If the array fails, everyone is in for it! I think its better if you move aside, Ill draw the array pattern on my own!

Huang Yueli furrowed her brows as she berated in a harsh tone.

This entire situation that they were in now were all caused by Murong Ni and yet at this crucial point in time where their escape was imperative, she even wanted to drag them down all because of her own pride.

If it wasnt because she was the Junior Sister of Li Moying, Huang Yueli would really have liked to give her one big tight slap to send her crashing to the wall in death.

She had met those who deserved to die but she had never met anyone who was courting death so eagerly!

Who knew, Huang Yueli was angry but Murong Ni totally blew up.

She forcefully jerked her hand away from Huang Yuelis grasp and retaliated by flipping her hand and she struck Huang Yueli to the side in blind rage.

Who needs you to care! You are just a lowly cultivator in the first realm! You have no right to teach me!


Huang Yueli did not expect her sudden movement and wasnt guarded against it at all.

Her cultivation was in reality much lower than Murong Ni by a large margin, so although her full force wasnt imbued into it, however it wasnt something that she could take.

Huang Yueli stepped back by quite a few steps before she could dispel the force behind that sudden palm strike.

Murong Ni who had on an initial twisted and ugly expression on her face suddenly changed into one of panic and screamed out loud.

Hey! YueYue Li?! Quick come over here dont step back any furtherhey!!!

Was she talking to her?

Before Huang Yueli could react, she suddenly an abrupt sway and felt her entire body lose control and fell backwards.

The current empty space that they were drawing their arrays at was located close to the edge of the cliff. Around places like this where the rocks had been weathered and worn down over the ages were plentiful. Although they looked completely fine on the surface, however, once touched, they would just crack and fall apart.

Originally, Huang Yueli had stood at a relatively safe place, however after being pushed back by Murong Ni, she did not have time to look at the path and had taken a few steps back directly.

With this sudden fluffy of steps, she had inevitably stepped on a piece of weathered rock.

Before she had come to realization, the entire chunk of rock crumbled and tumbled down the cliff.

With her standing on that rock, she was also dragged down and fell down into the deep dark abyss!

Yue Li! Yue Li!

Murong Ni screamed out in panic and felt as if her soul had flown away from her body.

Although she had hated Huang Yueli and couldnt wait for her to die, however, she had no intention to start now!

Otherwise, how could she explain to Li Moying when he came back?