Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Special Skill Of Little Phoenix 1
Chapter 367: Title Below

Great, she had only arbitrarily struck out and had gotten rid of that eyesore.

Murong Ni shuddered when she thought about Li Moyings reaction when he found out!

Thinking back on those previous occasions when he had lost his temper, those eyes that could incinerate everything and that unstoppable oppressive momentum she felt a chill in her heart.

At this moment, she really wished that she could hear Huang Yuelis call for help from below.

However, there was no other sounds except that the howling of the winds.

Looking below the cliff, one couldnt make anything out except for a large dark abyss.


The cold wind was biting, when it blew past her cheeks, it felt as if a knife was cutting her soft skin.

All she could hear was the long sad howls of the wind as she felt herself falling deeper and deeper down at a pace that was picking up rapidly.

This had all happened too fast, even she had not reacted in time.

Until the moment when she had found that her foot had stepped onto thin air, the ground beneath her had already given way and crumbled down and she was thrown down into the abyss.

Huang Yueli kept her calm even while she was falling down. She immediately retrieved a hooked claw from the Sky Phoenix Ring and threw it at the wall.

With a whoosh, the hooked claw flew towards the wall before her eyes however, just being short of a few metres, it suddenly stopped and sprung back.

Youve gotta be kidding! Why is it so far!

She had fallen far too away from the cliff walls, even the hooked claw she had was of no use.

If she could not stop this fall, it only meant that she would continue heading down. Meeting with such a grim situation, Huang Yuelis heart was thumping madly.

This had got to be a joke! Her life cant end just like this! All because of a brash and unruly brat whose hobby was to court death, she was dragged into such a mess? Was she going to die in such a ridiculous place and manner? No! She doesnt want to!

However, the speed that she was falling was shocking and there was no way she could stop. What could she do?

Huang Yuelis brain was working quickly as she started wrecking her brain to think of ideas.

It was at this moment when the voice of the Little Phoenix, Wang Cai called out.

Female Devil! Let me out quick! If you dont let this Little Lord out now, you wont be able to survive!

Can you save me? Huang Yueli spoke to him through her mind.

Cut this crap! Why dont you have another look to see who this Little Lord is? This Little Lord here is the one and only majestic and awe-inspiring Divine Phoenix in the whole of this Soaring Heavens Continent! Little Phoenix did not forget to inflate his ego and glorify himself almost to the extent as if he was frantically sticking gold onto his face.

Huang Yueli opened the Sky Phoenix Ring with a thought.

In a split second, Little Phoenix spread his wings and flew out.

When she saw the appearance of this plump round feathered ball with oil stains at the corner of his beak that had yet to be wiped off, she felt her mood dampen.

This little thing really didnt seem too reliable. On usual days, he already couldnt fly very well, he did not even know any spells. Fortunately, he had the True Phoenix Flames but even that was also dependant on luck! It could not be produced whenever he wanted to..

Thisnow.. he said that he could save her?

However, his determination and anxiety could be seen from his eyes. This thought of his deeply touched her!

At leastthose chicken wings were not fed in vain.

She took a deep breath and said reluctantly: Well..Wang Caiyou donthave to really force it. If this sister really loses her life you just need to go find a new master Umm actually you are very adorable, if you can change the way you talk, be less smug, then its easier to find a new master to buy chicken legs for you

Little Phoenix flapped his wings and screamed.

What kind of joke is this? With this Little Lord around, you wont die so easily!


Her eyes were still clouded with suspicion.

However, it was at the next moment.

Chapter 367: Special Skill of Little Phoenix (1)