Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 368

Chapter 368: Special Skill Of Little Phoenix 2
Chapter 368: Special Skill of Little Phoenix (2)

A dazzling scarlet light suddenly flashed before her and it was extremely bright, like the rising sun in spring.

It was getting brighter and brighter.

She couldnt help but close her eyes with this sudden glare before her in such close proximity.

Next, she felt that her waist had been hooked by something and her descent had slowed down comparably. She could feel that there was something pulling her, supporting her as she felt her body slowly being pulled up.

Her eyes flew open immediately.

Right before her, she saw something incredible that shocked her and left her stunned momentarily.

Before her now, a magnificent phoenix appeared before her. Not a red chubby chick like the Little Phoenix, Wang Cai, but a truly powerful full grown phoenix!

The scarlet red golden feathers were extremely beautiful and with its wings fully spread out, one couldnt see its head at first glance. Its talons stretches forward and had firmly hooked onto her waist belt.

With a gentle flap of its wings, its entire being seemed to have been lit ablaze and the surroundings ignited as waves of hot air swept over.

With the fluttering of its beautiful scarlet golden feathers reflecting the sun, its brilliance was breathtaking.

Wang Cai?

Huang Yueli called out softly in disbelief.

Dont call this Little Lord with such a stupid name! Cant you see that this Little Lord has grown so handsome? A familiar voice was heard in her mind.

Its really you, Wang Cai! Since when could you transform into your full grown form?

Hearing that childish, cute and bright voice, Huang Yueli immediately cheered up.

Hey! This Little Lord has already said, this Little Lord is not called Wang Cai, this Little Lord is called

It doesnt matter what youre called! Whats important is that you are really too cool!

Cough thats of course! Little Phoenix heard her praise and immediately became cocky.

Can you bring me back to that mountain wall? Huang Yueli asked.

Thats thats not a problem at all! Wang Cai said proudly as he puffed his chest up.

Huang Yueli was relieved when she heard this and thought that they were saved.

However, after a short while, she felt that something just wasnt quite right.

Wang Cai, why do I feel that.. I seem to be falling again?

Thats.. thats because you are obviously too heavy! Female Devil, you eat too much and youre too fat, you should lose weight!

Three black lines slipped down her forehead. Im fat?! I think the one who should lose weight should be you yourself! Although it can be said that you are a bird, however it seems that you are the fattest bird in the entire household! Even fatter than those Mother hens!

After another short while

Wang Cai, I still think that I am falling and it seems that Im falling faster and faster? Huang Yueli began to have cold sweat.

Ithis I dont think I can hold on Wang Cai stammered as he said it out in a low voice.

Huang Yueli was dumbfounded at the moment.

She had thought that finally he had grown up who would have known

Sure enough, she shouldnt have believed in that little boy!

What do you mean by you cant hold on? Only a short moment has passed by and you cant hold on already? Werent you so magnificent and even made such a majestic entrance? Didnt you even guarantee that youd send me to that mountain wall? It was just mere moments ago, now you say you cant do it?

Whats with cant do it? Dont ever say that a man cant do it!

Such a topic yet said out with an adorable voice really sounded too hilarious.

If it was another occasion, Huang Yueli would have ruthlessly laughed at him. Unfortunately, she cant bring herself to smile at this moment.