Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Special Skill Of Little Phoenix 3
Chapter 369: Special Skill of Little Phoenix (3)

After Wang Cai finished speaking, he began to shrink slowly. The magnificent divine sacred beast which was resplendent just moments ago gradually became smaller and smaller and became a big red bird the size of a goshawk.

It continued to shrink and became the size of a blood bat.

It then continued to shrink and eventually ended back his original size.

Although he had been getting smaller, however Little Wang Cai been trying to keep pulling Huang Yueli up as he kept struggling and flapping his wings relentlessly.

Hey! Female Devil, dont die! Hey! My chicken legs my chicken wingsdont die!!

Huang Yuelis mouth twitched.

It turns out that in the heart of Little Phoenix, her presence was equivalent to chicken legs and chicken wings. Sure enough.. that was an important existence!

Little Phoenix squeezed out every last sliver of strength, however, he was simply too small now and he couldnt stop the inevitable.

The speed of Huang Yueli falling increased at an alarming rate, faster and faster she fell, dropping down in a straight line, down into the abyss.

She could only hear the whooshing sound as she fell, all that was in her mind now was only one thought: If she did not die, she must change to a pet that was more reliable! She had never met a pet that other than relying on its master for food, it just dug pits for its master to fall into!

A loud reverberating bang resounded, followed by violent tremors.

Huang Yueli felt a wave of dizziness and a sudden sharp pain behind.

After a while, she realized that she seemed to have landed?

However, from the top, this abyss seemed to have no end to it, how was it that she had landed so fast? Moreover, although she fell very heavily, however her overall general situation was good, even her bones arent broken.

Huang Yueli endured the pain behind her as she clenched her teeth and grimaced. She began to study her surrounding intently.

She discovered that she seemed to be in a large nest and was surrounded by huge eggs, each egg bigger than her.

This birds nest was built on a branch that was sticking out of the mountains wall. It was extremely large and was laid with a thick layer of straw under. This was what saved her as it absorbed the impact from her fall and let her land safely without being seriously injured.

Although the Little Phoenix couldnt pull her back to the top, he tried his best to pull her as close to the wall as possible. This had saved her!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli felt thankful in her heart.

This could be said that she had picked back her life! This credit goes to Wang Cai!

Wait, somethings wrong. Wheres Wang Cai?

Huang Yueli quickly turned back and searched for the Little Phoenix and found the little thing was completely exhausted. A small red ball of fluff laid on the nest motionless and had fallen into deep sleep.

Huang Yueli walked forward a few steps and wanted to hold Wang Cai and put him back into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

However, at this moment, there was incessant chirping coming from behind her.

Huang Yueli turned back and had a shock. She took a step back subconsciously.

She didnt know when but a birds egg in the nest had hatched. A hatchling had climbed out from its shell and stood right behind her and looked at her intently.

As it was a freshly hatched chick, its feathers were still wet and its round dark eyes looked at her filled with innocence and purity.

However, Huang Yueli was immediately alerted.

Because, what stood before her was not a lovely and cute little hatchling but it was one that was even taller and bigger than her!

Moreover, she had immediately recognized from the feathers on its chest that it was an incredibly powerful Magical Beast White Golden Crested Vulture!