Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Taming Spirit Pet
Chapter 370: Taming Spirit Pet
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A matured White Winged Golden Crested Vulture could reach the seventh tier and even newly born hatchlings were born with strength in the ranks of the third or fourth tier.

For such a strong magical beast, they could only be found in the restricted zone of the Dark Moon Forest!

It seemed that the bottom of the cliff was part of the restricted zone. This fall of hers, was truly unlucky! How was she to leave this huge nest later? Even if she could escape, as a cultivator of the first realm, how was she going to protect her little life in this restricted zone?

Moreover, she does not even have a single piece of map on her, if she accidentally threaded into the lairs of those ninth or tenth tiered magical beasts

Huang Yueli's heart began to thump wildly.

She was facing too many problems now but she had no time to think about them.

It was because, that little bird that had been studying her for some time suddenly screeched twice, flapped its stubbly wings and started to waddle towards her.

Normally, even when facing a third tiered magical beast, even if she can't defeat it, Huang Yueli would still be able to escape unscathed.

However, she was now in a nest that was perched in such a precarious location, if she were to miss a step, she wouldn't have tears to even cry if she fell.

She could only muster up an amiable smile and tried to appease that little vulture.

"Umm, I've got to say, my little vulture friend. You can just take it as if I'm not here at all. I'm really just passing by just passing only"

However, the little vulture flapped its wings and suddenly raised its head and gave a few shrill cries into the sky a few loud, sharp and resounding cries reverberated through the it echoed throughout and the cries travelled far...far...away.

Huang Yueli's face drained of colour, "I'm leaving, I'm telling you, little stupid bird, don't call out anymore alright? Sister here is not a bad person"

White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were a species that greatly cared for their young. Even though the eggs were left here unattended, the adults were definitely not far off. The moment they could hear the cry of their young, they would know that the eggs have hatched and would most definitely rush back.

If a human like her was found to be in the nest with their eggs...could she still stay alive?

Huang Yueli was extremely vexed and anxious at this moment. She even took out the chicken thigh that Little Phoenix liked to eat and tried to bribe the little vulture with it.

When the little vulture saw the chicken thigh, it waddled over, took a sniff and bit into it and ate it with relish.

Huang Yueli finally let out a sigh of relief.

However, the moment it finished the chicken thigh, it raised its head proudly and let out another shrill cry.

"You stupid bird! You have no conscience! If I had known earlier, I would have laced the chicken thigh with some sedatives and let you sleep! Wait, why didn't I think of that earlier?"

Huang Yueli was full of regrets and felt that she must have became silly after the fall.

Such a simple idea, why couldn't she think of it just now?

Now that the little vulture had cried out so many times, with its sensitive hearing, the White Winged Golden Crested Vulture must have definitely heard and and would be back very soon! What should she do?

Huang Yueli was extremely anxious and quickly surveyed her surroundings, thinking of a place that she could hide in.

At this time, the Little Phoenix that was lying unconscious on the straw suddenly twitched his claw.

Huang Yueli caught a glimpse of it however, before she could react, she saw that the little vulture seemed to have been deeply attracted by that little red ball of fluff.

It's eyes lit up in excitement and started to waddle towards the Little Phoenix.

Huang Yueli was shocked and her face lost all colour!

[That stupid bird.! Don't tell me that stupid bird thought that Wang Cai was some sort of fun toy? Or thought that it was something delicious?]

With these train of thoughts, she rushed towards Little Phoenix in a fluster!