Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Taming A Spirit Pet 2
Chapter 371: Taming a Spirit Pet (2)
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Huang Yueli immediately used the fastest agility profound skills she had - Clairvoyant Steps! Her figure was fast as lightning and she used all she could to rush towards Little Phoenix!

As long as Little Phoenix was kept into the Sky Phoenix Ring, he was absolutely safe in there.

However, even if Little Phoenix was her spirit pet, it didn't mean that she could just keep him wherever and whenever she wanted.

If Little Phoenix was awake, they would be able to communicate with their minds and Little Phoenix could willingly return to the Sky Phoenix Ring through their spirit connection.

Now that Little Phoenix was still unconscious, she had to be in contact with his physical body to be able to have him returned into the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Her speed was extremely fast, however. Little vulture was even faster.

Being born as a fourth tiered magical beast, it had an innate advantage in speed.

It was also closer to Little Phoenix by a bit which was why with just a flutter of a few steps, it had overtaken Huang Yueli and had reached the side of Little Phoenix.

It lowered its head and it's large beak was just about to peck at the back of the red fluff ball below.

Huang Yueli could no longer care about anything else and pulled out a fifth grade long sword, imbued all the profound qi she had in it. The blade was cloaked in flames and with a flick of her wrist, she aimed towards the weakest point - its eyes!

"Wait a minute, Female Devil!" Little Phoenix's voice suddenly rang out in her mind.

She was stunned and froze momentarily.

It was at this moment when the little vulture seemed to have been petrified and couldn't move. One claw was even in midair when it suddenly froze.

She didn't know when did Little Phoenix woke up and his gaze was firmly locked with the little vulture.

After that, the little vulture seemed to be in a trance and under the orders of Little Phoenix, it folded its wings, sat down in a docile manner, looking every bit like like a good little chick and not at all like a White Winged Golden Crested Vulture who was renowned for its ferocity!

Huang Yueli was slightly dazed when she witnessed all this.

Wang Cai's voice resounded in her mind yet again, "Female Devil, why are you still in a daze? Little Lord here doesn't have much stamina left alright? Hurry up and tame it!"

She immediately reacted and bit on her finger and drew out various arrays in the air.

She then pressed her finger on the little vulture's head and after a few flashes of light, it screeched out loud before its eyes became very gentle and docile.

Huang Yueli knew that this contract had been successfully established and she let out a smile.

The little vulture waddled over to her and stuck close to her body as it looked at her with gentle affection.

Afterall, it was much larger than she was and with its 'affectionate' nudge, she almost flew out and she had to order it, "Alright, stop messing around, sit down quickly!"

Its big round eyes were filled with grievance as it wriggled its butt and sat down.

Huang Yueli looked at the glossy short feathers on this White Winged Golden Crested Vulture and felt very satisfied. It was very difficult to establish a contract with such a high order of magical beast!

Even if it was a peerless master of the eighth realm, it may not be difficult to kill a high levelled beast but to establish a contract would be extremely hard.

It was because the contract first needed the magical beast to take the initiative to recognise and accept its master.

High levelled magical beasts were very powerful and arrogant. Even if they were seriously injured, it would only rouse their hatred and it was impossible to make them yield!

Therefore, the only way to contract a high levelled magical beast was through their young. Taking advantage when these magical beast were young and weak, only through this method could the contract be established.