Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 375

Chapter 375: Li Moyings Return 3
Chapter 375: Li Moyings Return (3)
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"Miss're here! Where's Third Miss?"

"Yes, where's Sister-in-law? Where did she go?"

Everyone was looking around but no matter where they looked, there was not a shadow of her figure. A sense of foreboding crept into their hearts.

However, in their hearts, no one wanted to believe that something had happened to Huang Yueli, which was why they still stayed surrounded by the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats, without breaking out of the encirclement and asked Murong Ni instead.

Murong Ni started to stammer, "This....umm...Yue Li..she"

"What happened to Third Miss? Quick, just say it out!"

Mo Yi was the most anxious of them all and had thrown away all courtesy and bellowed loudly.

Master had entrusted the safety of Mistress into his hands. His only request was to 'protect her' and as a personal guard, this meant that he was to stake his life to ensure the safety of Huang Yueli.

However, now she had gone missing and it was highly likely that something untoward had happened to her.

How could he explain to his Master?

However, after Murong Ni's deliberation, he still heard the answer he dreaded the most.

"Yue Li...she...just now while we were laying the array, she was not careful and stepped onto a weathered edge and then she. she suddenly just fell off the cliff as the floor crumbled beneath her. I wanted to save her ...bu...but...sniff sniff sniff...everything happened so fast and before I could react in time"

" How could this be! Third Miss fell off the cliff?!"

"Heavens! Sister-in-law she really"

The moment lies flew out of her mouth, Murong Ni no longer hesitated and spun them out beautifully.

"Yes, if not for that...our array would have been completed! It's because Yue Li met with an accident so I can't complete the array alone...that's why the situation is like this now"

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief. However, no one doubted Murong Ni's words.

It was because no matter what bad history Murong Ni and Huang Yueli had between them, she wouldn't harm her at such a critical juncture because it would evidently be harming herself!

"It's the end! We're done for!" Luo Jiyun's heart cried out sorrowfully. "The array's not completed, we're trapped here and there are more and more Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats. It's just a matter of time before we end up as dried up corpses!"

While he was saying this, his actions slowed down and with this slight error, he was immediately clawed by a Scarlet Eyed Blood Bat.

"Master Luo!" Mo Yi rushed forward frantically and rescued him in time. He berated him harshly, "Master Luo, how can you give up so easily? You are our prided genius of our sect, are you willing to throw your life away just like this?"

Luo Jiyun tightened his hand over his wound, his face was as pale as a piece of paper.

"Of course I don't want to die! But but look around you! What other ways are there? Moreover, now that Sister-in-law has met with a mishap, tell me how am I to face Senior Brother?

After hearing his words, all the three guards hung their heads low in silence.

Ever since their Master suffered from a trauma since childhood, he had always been distrustful towards others, more so for the relationships between men and women.

It was such a rare and destined meeting that their Master had fallen in love at first sight with this wonderful lady. Not to mention she was outstanding in both temperament and talents, she was truly the most suitable lady for their exceptional Master.