Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Enraged 1
Chapter 377: Enraged (1)
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The only answer Li Moying had, was a strange silence.

This question of one dared to answer.

Li Moying seemed to have noticed something. He paused and asked again, "Where's Little Li'er?"

This time round,his voice was extremely cold. Although his voice sounded extremely calm, however, everyone here were all people who were very familiar with him and they knew that the more calm he sounded, the more rage burned within him!

No one dared to utter a single word this time as well and all he got was a long silence.

The uneasiness in his heart became heavier with each passing moment and a horrific thought even flashed by.

With the swing of the long sword in his hand, a flash of thunderbolt streaked across and landed at the corner and the the broken debris rolled down crumbled down the abyss following with the tumbling and crashing of the debris against the cliff walls.

Everyone subconsciously shrank their necks. They knew that this time for sure he had been entirely enraged.

"I am going to ask one last time, where's Little Li'er? Where is she?"

"What? No one dares to talk? No one is going to tell me? Is that so?"

"Luo Jiyun, you speak!"

Luo Jiyun felt his entire back drenched with cold sweat when he heard Senior Brother call out his name.

Facing an enraged Li Moying...somehow he felt that facing the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats just now wasn't as pressurizing as this!

However, all he could do was to muster up his courage and while facing that pair of eyes that were staring straight at him, he could only spit everything out incoherently: "Se...Senior Brother, have to be calm...don't be too impulsive. No one wanted this to happen...however it's really all.. too..too unexpected…"

Luo Jiyun mumbled in ramble as he racked his brains and thought about how he should continue.

In other not to let Li Moying suffer too heavy a blow, he was trying to break the news to him in a more gentle manner.

However, what he had not noticed was that this manner of speaking had already entirely given himself away!

"Luo Jiyun, in three sentences speak clearly on what happened to Little Li'er!"

His cold voice penetrated the heart of Luo Jiyun and caused him to tremble from fear.

" Brother…"

"First Sentence!"

Hearing that he had already started counting, Luo Jiyun felt his entire body drenched in cold sweat. However, he no longer had the time left to think about it anymore and could only close his eyes helplessly and spilled everything he knew from start to finish.

"Just now, Sister-in-law was laying an array nearby and she had accidentally stepped on a weathered portion and fell down into the abyss!"

He said everything out in one breath and he felt his entire scalp go numb, he thought that his Senior Brother would go ballistic and start a rampage and destroy everything all around.

However, there was no movement.

Luo Jiyun raised his head cautiously and looked left and right. He saw Mo Yi and the rest look at him in reverence, it seemed as if they were praising a strong man who was unafraid of death!

Luo Jiyun was immediately depressed and turned his gaze to Li Moying.

Contrary to his expectations, there was not a single expression of anger on Li Moying's face. He had maintained his calm composure, however, it was this calmness exactly that made everyone quiver in fear.

When Luo Jiyun's gaze fell onto the hand that was holding onto the sword, he noticed that it was trembling non-stop!

Moreover, it looked like he was trying to restrain himself but he was unable to stop it!

"Sen..Senior Brother… my condolences…"

Luo Jiyun could feel his inner grief and indignation but didn't know how to console him.

Only after a long while did Li Moying managed to barely control himself.