Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Enraged 2
Chapter 378: Enraged (2)
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This time round when he spoke, Li Moying's voice had already regained his composure.

"What was the specific situation? Speak clearly, I want to know every single detail! Mo Yi, you speak!"

"Yes, Master!" Mo Yi stepped forward.

Compared to Luo Jiyun who was crumbling under pressure, Mo Yi's explanation was much calmer and spoke clearer.

Facing a Li Moying who was clearly on the brink of collapse, Mo Yi could still maintain his reason and composure as he coherently explained the entire matter as detailed as possible.

Li Moying did not interrupt as Mo Yi spoke.

But anyone could see that his jaw was tightening as Mo Yi continued on. They could see his burning rage that he was trying hard to suppress.

As soon as Mo Yi finished, he stepped back.

Li Moying turned his head and his frosty gaze rested on Murong Ni.

The moment Li Moying had shown up, Murong Ni had been trying to hide behind Luo Jiyun's back and tried to minimize her presence and avoided all eye contact with Li Moying .

Inevitably, the moment when Mo Yi had spoken on the matter of Huang Yueli falling off the cliff, Li Moying's gaze had been locked onto her.

"Murong Ni, I really feel sorry for Master, he is such an esteemed elder who is known throughout the lands for his heroic name. How did he have such a spoilt and stupid daughter?"

Li Moying had always been polite to this daughter of his Master whom he deeply respected. He would seldom point out her mistakes, not to mention using the words 'spoilt and stupid'.

Murong Ni cried out with a loud 'whaaa' and sorrowfully said, "Senior Brother, this matter cannot be blamed on me entirely! I didn't know that she would step on a weathered rock and when she had fallen off, I also wanted to save her! It really wasn't intentional!"

She had deliberately concealed the matter of her pushing Huang Yueli away. She only mentioned that Huang Yueli had stepped on the weathered rock on her own.

After the lie was said a few times, at times one would also think of it as the truth. It was like this for Murong Ni now.

That was why she cried and wailed, and the more she cried, the more wronged she felt. Her heart was filled with grievance and she cried even louder.

Li Moying sneered and replied, "So Murong Second Miss, can you explain to me why did you leave on your own and even attracted the wrath of the Scarlet Eyed Blood Bats? If it was not for Li'er and her prompt actions, you all would be dead by now! You may reap what you sow, but what about my Junior Brother, my subordinate and my fiancee? They had all been dragged down by you!"

Murong Ni was scared by his ice cold tone and her tears continued to fall.

"Senior Brother, boo hoo hooo...I really didn't mean it. I wanted All I wanted to do was to help you to find the Profound Lunar Jade sooner ... this way you can make it in time before the full moon….."

"Shut up! You still dare to argue back!

When Li Moying looked at Murong Ni, there was still a trace of hatred that could not be concealed!

The profound qi in his body was propelling out of control and Murong Ni could not take it and spit out a mouthful of blood!

"Junior Sister! Senior Brother… don't be hasty…" Luo Jiyun called out and appeared before Murong Ni in a hurry.

He had never seen his Senior Brother this angry before and...he even hurt Junior Sister that everyone doted on!

"You're too wilful! It's all because of your selfishness and stupidity that harmed my Little Li'er! You better pray to your ancestors that Li'er comes back alive...if not….even if Master came himself, he would not be able to save you. I will definitely make you pay the price!"

Murong Ni was scared silly and her whole body was quivering like a leaf.

Li Moying 's face was still impeccable but at this moment, he seemed as if he was a devil that came from hell!