Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 380

Chapter 380: A Narrow Escape 1
Chapter 380: A Narrow Escape (1)
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In the White Winged Golden Crested Vulture's nest.

Two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures flew closer and closer as their large wings flapped magnificently, their powerful aura enveloped the entire sky.

After the Little Phoenix hid back into the Sky Phoenix Ring, he immediately feigned death and no matter how many times Huang Yueli called him, there was no response.

Huang Yueli also knew that the little thing had also overdrawn all of his profound qi and even if he came back out, he wouldn't be of any use. She could only count on herself now!

But...what should she do?

In terms of strength, she did not even measure to a single claw of this huge beast.

The armaments she carried were many, however, most of them had been used during that assault against the bbs just now. Even if there were some left, they were only armaments of the fourth grade. Against MBs of the seventh tier, they did not play any significant roles.

Seeing how she could not avoid it, Huang Yueli wrecked her brains and a sudden epiphany struck her when she thought of her newly contracted pet.

She beckoned the little vulture with her hands.

Little vulture had been sitting quietly by the side for quite some time now and it was feeling extremely aggrieved, feeling that its master was very cold and heartless.

When it saw that Huang Yueli had called for it, it excitedly rushed over and even 'affectionately' nudged its pokey little head against her and Huang Yueli was pushed over.

"Cough...wait..wait a moment, don't push me anymore, Sister here has something important to say!"

Huang Yueli tried to reason with it however no matter what, it was just a newly hatched chick so it was rather impossible to communicate with it properly.

When she was pushed over the second time round, Huang Yueli finally gave up.

She stared intently at the little vulture and her eyes flashed a moment and she used her Piercing Sky Eye technique. In a flash, the little vulture trembled a moment and it was under her control.

To control a young magic beast was not too difficult a feat and not too much mental fortitude was needed.

But it would still cause some damage to its weak consciousness.

Since this little vulture was already her contracted pet, she did not want to make use of such a method to control it. Unfortunately, she did not have enough time to train it and in such a precarious situation, she had no other alternative but to use it in order to escape.

The little vulture who had been controlled became very obedient.

In accordance to her instructions, it sat quietly beside her and Huang Yueli rolled herself into a ball and hid under the little fluff ball.

Just as she hid, the two White Winged Golden Crested Vulture landed in the nest.


"Squawk squawk!"

The father and mother White Winged Golden Crested Vultures called out happily, they had not expected that one egg had hatched so soon!

The White Winged Golden Crested Vulture was a very powerful species, however, they were very rare, the main reason being the probability of their eggs hatching was too low!

Most of the White Winged Golden Crested Vulture's eggs don't hatch in the end.

In the same batch of eggs, the faster one hatches, the stronger one's bloodline was and the stronger one would be in the future.

This batch of eggs was still warm. However, surprisingly, there was already one egg that hatched already!

What a talented genius this little vulture must be!

The two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were extremely excited and they flapped their wings in joy to celebrate their new addition to their family. They were flapping their wings happily and were walking over to show their affection to it.

Huang Yueli had been carefully hiding beneath its soft fuzz under its abdomen but because it still wasn't big enough, it barely covered her.