Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 383

Chapter 383: A Windfall 1
Chapter 383: A Windfall (1)
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Huang Yueli was slowly moving up along the mountain wall under the cloak of the night. After a short while, she climbed onto a flat rock.

This cliff was very deep and the moonlight did not reach the depths. In such a dark environment, she could not even see her outstretched hands.

The comforting thing was that she was of the Flame Physique and creating some light was not an issue.

With a snap of her fingers, a small flame danced above it and illuminated the path before her.

This entire area was barren and not a tree was in sight. Everything all around her was just weathered rocks and mud, naturally, there were no magical beasts as well.

Huang Yueli let out a sigh of relief and plopped onto the ground in exhaustion.

She had been on the edge the entire day and finally she had managed to gain some respite.

First, she was chased and hunted down by those bbs and had fought with them the entire day. After that, she fell into the abyss and had escaped death and yet she had almost died again under the claws of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures.

It was only until now did she manage to take a breather.

Only the heavens knew that she hadn't ate anything since morning! She was absolutely famished and her tummy was rumbling and grumbling in protest.

With a thought, she entered the Sky Phoenix Ring.

The Little Phoenix was in deep slumber just at the edge of the Spirit Saint Spring. With one look, you could tell that he was completely exhausted. The little vulture had nestled soundly asleep beside him.

Huang Yueli stroked their heads gently. Next, she took out a bottle filled with Spirit Saint Spring water and a variety of pills for healing and left.

Although it was very comfortable in her own space but she had no choice but to leave because only her spirit could enter the Sky Phoenix Ring. Her physical body was still lying outside at the same place.

If she was still in the Sky Phoenix Ring and yet her body had received an attack, she would be caught completely off guard!

Moreover, now she was in such a dangerous place, she did not dare stay in the Sky Phoenix Ring for too long.

After she finished drinking the Spirit Saint Spring Water and swallowed a few pills, she finally felt better and she had recovered about seventy to eighty percent of her strength. She then closed her eyes to rest.

She did not dare to sleep too long and two hours later, when the first streak of sunlight streamed in, she woke up immediately.

She hasn't escaped from disaster yet, her situation has somewhat better but she still needed to find a way back up quick!

This time round, she looked around and re-examined her surroundings carefully, afraid to miss out any details.

As she looked over a mound at the corner, she suddenly exclaimed in surprise and immediately ran over.

The nearby floor was slightly sunken down and there were also traces of water.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this may be nothing surprising at all. But in the eyes of an astute Armament Master, this indicated that there was a trace of a hidden trap door!

"In such a desolate place, why would there by a hidden trap door? Unless….Unless a peerless expert made it?"

Some of these peerless experts liked to hide their treasures in these remote and desolate locations and feel more secure that way.

With this thought in mind, her eyes sparkled and immediately dug at the mound and very soon, a metal handle was revealed.

This was at least a sixth grade and if it was an average person, they would usually use brute strength to forcefully open it. However, if it was forcefully opened, a trap would be triggered and their lives may be forfeited.

However, in the hands of Huang Yueli, this was just like child's play.

She deftly moved her fingers in a skilled and precise manner and in a few simple moves, she removed two nails.

With a 'clunk', the walls started to vibrate and the wall in front of her opened up, revealing a dark and narrow passage.