Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 384

Chapter 384: A Windfall 2
Chapter 384: A Windfall (2)
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"Cough, cough,cough!" Huang Yueli started to cough vehemently.

This secret passage had not been opened for a long time and dust had accumulated over the years. She had choked on the thick layer of dust that had suddenly stirred.

When the dust finally settled down, Huang Yueli peeked in and looked around curiously before she entered the secret passage.

Although it looked very normal from the outside, when she entered, it was like paradise. The entire passage was made of lucent silk jade and the entire place glowed with an ethereal glow.

At the end of the passage was a house. The interior was very simple. There was one hall with several rooms. The startling thing was that the entire place was made of lucent silk jade, it was obvious that the owner of this place was extremely rich.

Huang Yueli cautiously entered the room nearest to her.

This room was extremely bare, there was only a table and chair. On the table, lay a few scattered books.

Huang Yueli walked over and casually picked one book up and flipped through it. Her movements were very gentle because the pages had shown obvious signs of aging as the dilapidated yellow and crisp pages needed extra delicate touch or else they might just crumble into pieces if too much force was used.

"Master Yun Tian….so this place actually belongs to the Nine Tiered Armament Master that had lived three thousand years ago!

After flipping through a few more pages, her face lit up in astonishment.

In the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, to be a cultivator of the ninth realm wasn't too difficult a feat. However, to be a Nine Tiered Master in all professions was beyond difficult!

That was because the ninth was actually an honorary title for the professions of Alchemists and Armament Masters and there had only been one who held both of this title.

Once one attains this title, it signifies that he is the best in the world!

In her past life, Huang Yueli was the one and only Ninth Tier Armament Master in the Soaring Heavens Continent. She was the number one Armament Master in the world!

This Armament Master was also a Ninth Tier and this proved that he was a very powerful person and…. The standard three thousand years ago was even higher than the present. Many ancient methods had been lost through the harsh passage of time.

She had even heard that at that era, there were also special formulas for armament crafting...

To even share the insights of his attainments was simply unbelievable…

Huang Yueli excitedly flipped through all the books on the table and found that these were all notes that Master Yun Tian had written and in it were various methods and formulas that she had never even heard of before!

She was beaming as she kept all these away back into her Sky Phoenix Ring without any further thoughts.

"It's a blessing in disguise, I've struck a fortune! At least my luck isn't too bad...I knew it! How could my luck be so bad?"

Huang Yueli wanted to continue to explore the other rooms.

However, the moment she pushed opened the door, there was a strong sense of danger!

She subconsciously felt a chill run down her spine and she stepped back immediately.

This step had saved her life.

Outside the door, a red figure suddenly appeared and swiped its sharp claws at the position she had just stepped out a moment before!

Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard!

Her heart almost jumped out, this was a seventh grade magical beast of the fire attribute - the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard!

This type of magical beast was named after the pattern that resembled flowing clouds on its body. Not only was it known for its speed, power and defense, it also was proficient in fire attacks! When it spits out a fireball from it's wide jaws, it can easily turn a person into charcoal!

Although Huang Yueli had escaped the sneak attack of the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard, this room was too small and when the leopard turned, it easily discovered her hiding in the corner!