Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Let Me Teach You A Lesson Later 1
Chapter 385: Let me teach you a lesson later! (1)
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Seventh grade magical beast….was equivalent to a cultivator of the eighth realm.

Huang Yueli knew that she couldn't escape but she refused to sit still to await death. Even if there was a glimmer of hope, she would try all means and ways to escape!

She no longer cared about anything else and took out all the armaments she had left for attacking and used them all.

All of them were released together and for a moment, the entire room was filled with thunderbolts, fire and menacing sword intents.

The Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard was being oppressed momentarily but it was only hindered for a short while before it quickly chased after its prey.

Huang Yueli used the fastest speed she could muster and all she had in her head was just one thought - escape!

If she could not escape, she would definitely die with regrets!

But alas, their difference in speed was simply too wide and in a few steps, the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard had caught up to her.

Just when she thought that she would die, a reverberating bang resounded and a dazzling blue lightning streaked through the void and hit the body of the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard.

The fire leopard was stunned by the electric current and subconsciously stepped back and looked at the attacker with caution.

Huang Yueli was also stunned and before she could react, she felt someone hook her waist and pulled her away from the fire leopard and felt herself flung to a corner.

"Little Lass, you really are quite something! Just got rid of two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures and in such a short while, you've provoked a Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard?"


Hearing this familiar magnetic voice close to her ears, Huang Yueli immediately jerked her head up!

"You...Li Moying? How are you here?"

The man before her eyes was wearing a black robe and held a longsword in one hand, looking majestic, domineering and irresistibly charming.

If she was to omit out the murderous glint in his eyes, he really looked as if he was an immortal that had stepped out of a painting.

Seeing a flustered Huang Yueli before him, Li Moying felt a fire in his heart ignite.

After jumping off the cliff, he was in a hurry and extremely worried that she might have fallen to her death or she might have entered the restricted zone and encountered a magical beast. He had spent the entire night searching for her.

Fortunately, before they were separated, Li Moying had secretly left a spirit imprint on her and with this link, he was able to trace her whereabouts.

However, this spirit imprint was affected by distance. The further one was from one another, the weaker the link was.

That was why Li Moying had spent a lot of effort to finally find this place.

The moment he saw Huang Yueli standing before him safe and sound, he was so happy that he had almost cried on the spot. He was just about to run to her and hug her tightly. Only with her within his embrace would comfort his heart that was ridden with fear and worry.

However, before he had moved, Huang Yueli suddenly came out.

But behind her was actually a seventh grade Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard and it was one inch away from slicing her throat with its claws!

Li Moying was so scared that his heartbeat almost stopped. He immediately threw out an attack and saved her.

He really couldn't imagine that if he was just one second too late, he would see her fall into a pool of blood!

Just the thought of this scared him so bad.

However, what made him even more angry was that his Little Fox still had on a confused expression!

This woman was usually very smart...but why couldn't she properly protect herself?

" good and wait for me to clean this up. Give me a moment and let me teach you a lesson later!" Li Moying said curtly as he glared at her.