Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Let Me Teach You A Lesson Later 2
Chapter 386: Let me teach you a lesson later! (2)
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Although he really wanted to properly teach his Little Fox a lesson right now, the magical beast that was running rampant was in his way so he had to get rid of it first.

Although the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard had been hit by Li Moying's lightning sword, however, its defense was pretty insane and so it received only a light injury.

It was stunned and had retreated a few steps back before it observed Li Moying for a short while when it suddenly leapt forward.

Li Moying flourished his sleeves and Huang Yueli was pushed even further back before he started to engage the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard in battle.

Huang Yueli was thrown into the far corner and almost fell over.

By the time she had turned around, Li Moying had already exchanged a few moves with the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard.

Because they were fighting in a cave, Li Moying could not use the thunderbolt which was too powerful. He was worried that if he used it, the mountain may be split open and he might cause a landslide and bury themselves alive.

That was why, he had only been using simple moves to battle against this fire leopard.

Despite this, he was still dominating this fight.

At first, Huang Yueli was still very nervous and was watching Li Moying intensely, worried that he may be torn into half by the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard. Afterall, this was a seventh grade magical beast we're talking about!

Seventh grade magical beasts were equivalent to cultivators of the eight realm while Li Moying… was only at the sixth degree realm of the ninth level!

The difference between the two... was by a large margin of two realms!

It could be said that in front of a Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard, an ordinary cultivator of the sixth degree realm was very vulnerable. Even if Li Moying had a deep comprehension and had a wealth of experience, she still thought that this difference of two reams was really too wide.

However, things weren't what she had expected.

Whenever Li Moying attacked, each strike was powerful, fast and accurate. His movements were fluid like a flowing stream of water. Very soon, the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard was forced into one corner and it's entire body riddled with wounds and the floor was dyed red in its blood.

A moment later, Li Moying threw out a thunderbolt and with a smooth and fluid manner, he kept his sword back in its scabbard. Without even looking at the fire leopard, he turned around.

Until the moment he had arrived before Huang Yueli, the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard collapsed onto the ground.

Huang Yueli looked on with a stupefied expression.

"You...You've killed the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard already? But...but ..aren't you only in the sixth degree realm of the ninth level?"

With such an incredulous fighting prowess, it was very similar with Mu Chengying! Moreover... both of them were both cultivators of the thunder attribute!

In her mind, suddenly there was a spark. However, it flashed by too quickly and she couldn't think of anything.

Li Moying did not answer her question but held her shoulders and pushed her to the wall. His tall and strong body leaned against her weak and petite body in a strong and overbearing manner.

At this moment, he had just fought a big battle and the profound qi in his body had still not settled, giving a sense of oppressive pressure that couldn't be resisted.

He bowed his head down and his handsome face slowly approached Huang Yueli and very soon, they were so close to each other that their noses almost touched.

His eyes seemed to contain a thousand words as he looked at her beautiful eyes which reflected some trepidation.

Huang Yueli looked at his perfect face so close to hers and all the words that she had wanted to say and all the questions that she had wanted to ask instantly flew out of her head. She could only stare blankly and felt as if she was a small fox that had been entrapped by a hunter.

"Little Li'er…."

Li Moying said in a raspy voice, his warm breath could be felt on her lips. They were so close, yet, their lips had not touched. This felt even more ambiguous than a real kiss.