Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Taking The Initiative To Approach
Chapter 388: Taking the Initiative to Approach
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"What did she say to you?"

Huang Yueli sneered and told everything that had happened on that cliff from head to toe.

Li Moying's expression started to crumble and contort in anger.

"That damned girl! I only thought that she's been too pampered and spoilt, didn't think that her personality was so twisted! Never would I have imagined that she would even dare to do such atrocities! If I had known earlier, I would have just smacked her to death with one strike!"

Huang Yueli was slightly taken aback as she asked with furrowed brows: "Smack her to death? But isn't she your Master's precious daughter…?"

"So what?" Li Moying replied angrily, "She even dares to harm you, that itself deserves the death penalty! She's not even worth a finger of yours! Moreover, she is so young yet she has such a vicious heart. Just because you are more talented than her, she wants to kill you? Tell me, what use is there to keep the life of such a venomous woman?"

When Huang Yueli saw his outburst, she felt a warm wave wrap her heart.

This man here….he really placed her as the most important person in his heart. Even if it was the daughter of the Master that he held deep gratitude for, still did not make him waver.

How in the world had she managed to get such a remarkable man to treat her like this?

She let out a long sigh as she took a step forward and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Alright, don't worry anymore. Am I not well? Also, I don't think that she had deliberately harmed me, it could well be just an accident. But this matter is not over just like that. Don't interfere and let me teach her a lesson myself!"

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that she would take her own initiative to approach him and he stood there petrified.

Truth be told, after an entire day of adventures of climbing, rolling and fighting, Huang Yueli's entire body was grey, covered in dust and filth. Not to mention earlier on when she had also been 'blessed' with the saliva from the White Winged Golden Crested Vulture, she wasn't exactly looking her best at this moment.

However, to Li Moying, she was incredibly adorable and the most beautiful lady in his heart.

He hugged her tightly and asked in a low voice, "You nearly scared me to death, being a cultivator in the first degree realm and falling from such a high did you manage to survive?"


Huang Yueli was suddenly tongue tied.

She had preserved this little life of hers all due to the outstanding performance of Little Phoenix.

But the existence of Little Phoenix wasn't something that she could casually mention. Afterall, he was one of her most important secrets.

She tried to evade it and replied in a casual tone, "I was very lucky, when I fell, I actually landed in a nest of White Winged Golden Crested Vultures. I then hid behind the eggs and fortunately, the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures did not notice me and I managed to sneak off after they fell asleep!"

Li Moying scrunched his brows as he looked at her. It was obvious that she was not speaking the entire truth.

Huang Yueli was afraid that he would pry further and she quickly changed the topic.

"Oh right, I stumbled upon this place by chance. It belongs to a ninth grade Armament Master from three thousand years ago! I've just discovered quite a number of manuals related to armaments. This time round, I've struck it rich! Hehehe!"

She smiled brightly and revealed her two little sharp teeth.

Li Moying was still sullen and remain unmoved.

Huang Yueli pouted and said thoughtfully, "However, I've only been into one room and before I could explore the rest, I met that hateful Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard! Now everything's great, with you as my bodyguard, we can go and explore all the other rooms!"

Li Moying looked at her coldly, trying hard to maintain his stance

This little girl still wants to try to get away with it so easily? Hmph! How could it be so easy?!