Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 390

Chapter 390: The Deviant Flame That Doesnt Extinguish After Three Thousand Years
Chapter 390: The Deviant Flame That Doesn’t Extinguish After Three Thousand Years
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In the end, that petty man not only did he not forgive her, he even pulled her over and started to smear soot all over her face!

Now, Li Moying's face had already been cleaned.

And her sorrowful self....although she couldn't see it, but she could imagine how her soot smudged face would look like.

She lowered her head and looked at her dirty clothes, she then looked over at Li Moying's clean and spotless robes. It was truly a huge contrast, this was just like the disparity between a Prince and a maid!

Seeing Huang Yueli glaring at him, Li Moying felt rather pleased and he raised his eyebrows as he laughed lightly, "Why? Do you still want to come and have another round? That's fine, but I doubt you have this ability!"

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him, "Do you think that everyone is as free as you? I have better things to do!"

She was well aware of the great difference in their abilities. How could she have her revenge? It was highly likely that this man was purposely trying to anger her and trick her to voluntarily run into his arms and he can take some advantage at the same time!

Wishful thinking!

Huang Yueli turned her head away sharply and brought her focus back to the armament furnace.

Li Moying immediately felt a little gloomy.

"This broken furnace is almost buried by ashes and the side is also covered in rust. How can it look better than me? Looking at it so intensely, what can you see? Will it grow flowers?"

"You...what nonsense are you spouting? You are too ignorant!"

What Huang Yueli disliked most was when others criticize armaments with their limited knowledge and spout a bunch of nonsense.

Of all things, Li Moying was exactly like Mu Chengying in this aspect. In the past, he would always speak as if that armament was worthless and this made her exceptionally mad.

What she didn't know was that they did this deliberately to tease her…..

Huang Yueli turned and stared angrily back at Li Moying as she pointed to the armament furnace and said, "As for growing flowers, that's definitely not possible. But if I did not guess wrongly, there is a treasure in there!"

"Oh? Really?" Li Moying asked with surprise.

Huang Yueli continued to explain, "Yes, for you people who do not understand armaments, of course you wouldn't know. On the surface, this armament furnace may look dilapidated but it has a profound mystery actually concealed within. Such types of armament furnaces are very special. The fire is not lit on the outside but there's actually a hidden compartment within it at the bottom to put in a deviant flame. Only then could one start to refine."

"To use such an armament furnace, one's mastery in flames must be much higher but the effect is amplified by few times. That is why this is only used when the Armament Master wants to refine a treasure."

"It's so unique?" Li Moying's interest was also piqued and he started to walk around the furnace. He even reached his hands out and knocked on it.

"Wait! Don't knock on it!" Huang Yueli quickly rushed forward to stop him.

Li Moying looked at the flustered Huang Yueli in amusement.

"Why are you so petty, wasn't it just a light knock?"

"What are you saying?" Huang Yueli glared at him, "I am worried about your safety! If this armament furnace explodes, if you are in the seventh realm or even if you are in the eighth realm, you'll still suffer!"

"Explode? How can it be? This is an antique from millenniums ago…"

"How could it not be possible? The deviant flame that's burning in this armament furnace most probably hasn't extinguished yet and has been burning to this day!" She replied earnestly.

"How can that be?! There's such a thing?"

Even if Li Moying had seen the world and saw many mysterious marvels, he still couldn't help but reveal an incredulous expression.