Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 391

Chapter 391: I Am Not A Good Person
Chapter 391: I Am Not A Good Person
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Huang Yueli nodded her head.

"At first, I was very surprised as well but I've been observing it for a long time and I feel that what's happening with this armament furnace is very unusual."

She pointed at the pile of ashes on the floor.

"Look there, these ashes on the floor, some are still glowing. This shows that these weren't left behind from three thousand years ago but from a much more recent time. Also, the profound qi in this room is circulating with the armament furnace as it's core. Usually, this only happens when there is profound qi in the furnace during the refinement process."

A glint of surprise flashed by Li Moying's eyes.

"You mean….unless you are saying that there is still something in this furnace? Even if there's a deviant flame, with sufficient profound qi, burning for a thousand years is possible. But if what you said is true, there is something in the furnace that from three thousand years ago…."

He couldn't continue what he wanted to say because it sounded too outrageous, it had defied any logic.

Huang Yueli answered him, "That's right, if I'm not wrong, the armament in this furnace has been repeatedly refined for three thousand years!"

Li Moying's gaze rested on this shabby and dilapidated armament furnace.

After hearing her words, even he couldn't cover up his inner excitement and shock!

An armament that has been sealed in this armament furnace from three thousand years ago!

What did this mean?

It meant that this Master Yun Tian who was a ninth grade Armament Master had specially used such a complex forging method to refine an armament which would be anything but ordinary.

Moreover, not knowing what happened to Master Yun Tian, after refining halfway, he left and whatever inside the armament furnace has been in there for three thousand years!

The longer an armament was in the armament furnace, the more impurities are removed and the higher the quality!

An armament that had the luxury of being refined for three thousand years was absurdly rare. In her past, Huang Yueli took three years to refine a ninth grade armament!

This armament was in the armament for three thousand years!

If this armament was successfully forged, how powerful would it be?

Even Li Moying's heart was yearning to know.

He turned to her and asked, "So, you intend to open this armament furnace and retrieve it?"

Huang Yueli nodded her head, "Of course! There's no way we can bring this armament furnace along with us. Look at the bottom of it, can you see those three contraptions? This is to prevent the armament furnace from moving if it explodes. If the deviant fire doesn't extinguish and the lid is not removed,this armament furnace can never be moved."

Li Moying furrowed his brows.

"Are you sure you have to do this? Isn't it too rushed to open it here? You are not prepared the least bit. If the armament in the furnace has already been scrapped or if there's any accident….no matter what, your life is more important than money. If there's no way to bring this furnace along, just wait for the next time when you've prepared all the necessary things to open it. I will bring you back here then."

Huang Yueli blinked and laughed suddenly.

"You are really a funny person! Usually when people see a treasure before their eyes, wouldn't they want me to quickly retrieve it? And even scheme to do something underhanded while I open it and take the treasure for themselves…."

Li Moying raised his brows without changing his expression and with a hook of his arms, his hands was wrapped around her slender waist.

"Little thing, are you telling me that I should grasp the chance I have now and scheme for riches with unscrupulous methods? Do you really think that I don't know how to? Actually, you should know by now that I am not a good person!"