Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Ahh Ahh Ahhh My Sword
Chapter 396: Ahh Ahh Ahhh My Sword!
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Upon hearing those words, Li Moying's hands trembled and almost dropped the sword on the ground.

"You said..this…this is a half divine relic??"
No wonder Li Moying was shocked. Ever since the legendary Ninth Grade Armament Grand Master Huang Yueli perished in the Northern Ice Fields, it had been several decades since any Ninth Grade Armaments was refined.
Even if he was an exceptional talent, the only way to get a Ninth Grade Armament was to snatch one from those Ninth grade beasts!
At his current level, this was obviously impossible.
Which was why, Li Moying had never seen a Ninth Grade Armament, what's more, a half divine relic!
Judging by the way this sword was withdrawn from the furnace, it was definitely something extraordinary. However Li Moying had never expected it to be a half divine relic!
Huang Yueli nodded.
In actual fact, the mind blowing impact it had on her was no less than Li Moying.
She felt a moment of glee when she saw the usually tranquil Li Moying revealing a startled expression.
Every single time, this man left her dumbstruck. It was finally her turn to let him have a taste of being dumbfounded.
Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel a sliver of complacency.
She was probably the only one in this Great Land who can recognise the Armament Master of the half divine relic. It was all due to the possession of the God Relic – Sky Phoenix Ring!
In her past life, in order to restore the Sky Phoenix Ring, Huang Yueli went through countless armament scriptures. Therefore, any matter related to the Ninth Grade Armaments, there was definitely no one who can beat her knowledge and understanding.
That year, in a antiquarian book, she discovered that thousands of years ago in Soaring Heavens Continent, Armaments Masters were able to refine half divine relics. The only problem was, the blueprint no longer extant.
Every half divine relic takes an extremely long period of time to refine, from as short as a few hundred years to a few thousand years, each requiring blazing inferno to calcine before it can materialise and nurture it's consciousness.

Considering all the clues, she had already guessed that the armament inside was likely a half divine relic, even before opening the furnace.

The reason for her insistence on staying put and opening the furnace on the spot, was all because if other people were to burst into the cave dwelling, simply blindly opening the furnace will cause an explosion, thereby ruining the half divine relic!

To a talented Armament Master such as her, such wasteful behaviour was unacceptable!

Li Moying stood stunned momentarily before slowly regaining his senses.

He couldn't resist caressing the seemingly rough exterior of the sword. The simple and unadorned veined pattern hinted a faint purplish glow, giving him a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Since he was a thunder attribute practitioner, this sword and him was simply a perfect match.

No matter how hefty this sword was, in his hands, it is as slight as a feather.

Just as his finger was feeling the vanguard, suddenly, the sword let out a blinding purple light.

He could not pull back in time, feeling a sharp pain in his finger. A drop of blood slid down from his fingertips and dripped on the sword blade.

Fresh blood seeped into the sword blade's veined pattern. At the same time, a lighting shaped tattoo appeared on the back of Li Moying's arm.

"Ahh Ahh Ahhh, My Sword!"

The event happened without warning and by the time the purple light dimmed, Huang Yueli finally reacted and pounced forward.

"Li Moying, you said you wouldn't snatch my stuff. But now you've made the half divine relic acknowledge you as it's master!!"