Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 397

Chapter 397: Spirit Artifact Little Lilac
Chapter 397: Spirit Artifact, Little Lilac
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Huang Yueli was utterly discomfited. Catching hold of Li Moying's arm, she wished she could chomp hard on it to relieve her anger.

Li Moying was dumbstruck as well. When he finally came to his senses, he felt unjustified.

He hadn't done anything at all, yet for no reason, the sword shot out with purple lighting, causing his finger to bleed and absurdly completed the process of acknowledging him as the master of the sword.

"This…. Li'er, don't be agitated. Listen to my explanation….."

"You're a liar, traitor, scoundrel….." Huang Yueli refused to listen nor accept his apology.

Between laughter and tears, Li Moying felt slightly guilty. Even though he didn't know what had happened, the fact is he did promise Huang Yueli that he will not poach the armament. And now he has reaped the biggest gain.

A half divine relic!

Even the word "priceless" cannot describe its value!

And if the news of the birth of a half divine relic was revealed to the world, it will likely cause a carnage. To obtain this half divine relic, just how many experts from the Ninth-degree Realm will fight amongst themselves. By then, the consequences will definitely be unsightly.

Such a precious item has been filched by him, of course this little fox will flip out.

To be honest, Li Moying didn't want this sword.

Although this sword's attributes, length or density suit him perfectly, in his eyes, nothing can be more important that his little fox.

But since…. matters have come to pass…..

Li Moying's forehead filled with cold sweat, as he really didn't know how to explain to Huang Yueli.

Still, he can only summon up all his courage to voice out.

"Li'er, I really don't know why this sword suddenly chose me as it's master. I only felt it was exquisite and couldn't stop myself from feeling it….."

"Liar, you're lying to me!"

"I'm really not...."

In actual fact, Huang Yueli wasn't really reluctant to give up this half divine relic.

Although this sword was extremely precious, she already has the Sky Phoenix Ring, which was even more treasured!

What's more, this sword had the thunder attribute. Not only that she has no use for it, this item is also difficult to handle and not easily auctioned off for silver.

Perhaps after deliberation, she might end up gifting it to Li Moying.

It's just that Li Moying suddenly made a contract with the half divine relic, that was what surprised her the most.

Even though she knew he didn't do it on purpose, Huang Yueli still felt indignant and was just finding excuses to blame him.

Just as these two people were busy bickering, another purple flash suddenly appeared.

"What are you doing? You're not allowed to bully my master!"

A youthful, sharp voice cried out. The duo turned their heads towards the voice in unison and appeared to be in a daze.

Coating the sword was a layer of purple light and in its brilliance, the image of a young floated in mid air.

Her body was translucent, giving out a purplish light. This is established based on the energy and attached to her shoulder blade was a huge pair of fluttery butterfly wings.

"What are you?" Huang Yueli interrogated.

The young lady lifted her chin, her beauty was emitting with purplish radiance. Proudly she said, "You're so rude. I'm the spirit within the sword – Little Lilac!"

"Ooh…. so you're the spirit artifact. I never expected this sword's spirit artifact to be able to gather to become such a nimble virtual existence."

"Of course! I'm the all-powerful half divine relic! Such a small matter of agglomeration, no problem!"