Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Because. Hes Handsome
Chapter 398: Because….. he’s handsome
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As Little Lilac was talking, she suddenly turned her head towards Huang Yueli and demanded, "You're not allowed to be rude to my master! I belong to my master, not you! I chose him to be my master!"

"You chose him yourself?"

"Of course! I'm the noble half divine relic, shouldn't I get to choose my own master?"

"You should, you should, but I still don't understand. Is my innate skill incomparable to Li Moying? I merely held you for a while, and that caused your displeasure. But you're willing to acknowledge him as your master?"

Huang Yueli voiced out the questions in her mind.

It wasn't because she was arrogant and proud, but with her flame spirit physique, it should be considered as rare in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent. What's more, she's a talent in all attributes for the Ninth Grade. Simply put, she also has innate ninth grade thunder attribute, which is a level that only an exceptional genius can reach.

As a thunder attributed half divine relic, by right, Little Lilac should be able to connect with her high level of thunder attributes. Even if she's not chosen as the owner, what's up with the rejection?

Little Lilac snorted proudly and drifted next to Li Moying's side and intimately tried to stick close to him.

"Your innate thunder physique isn't bad, but compared to master, it's a total dreg! If I don't choose master, don't tell me I should choose you?"

Surprised by her words, Huang Yueli appeared distracted.

She knew Li Moying was strong, his innate skill was preeminent, and thunder attribute itself was extremely rare.

But…. From Little Lilac's explanation, could it be that his level has exceeded the Ninth Grade? What type of physique would it be then? Unless, he too has the flame spirit physique like her, a special type of physique?

As Huang Yueli pondered, she heard Little Lilac delicately added.

"…..Of course, the most important reason is…. Master is a super duper dashing man…..", upon saying that she closed the gap between herself and Li Moying.



Huang Yueli and Li Moying was rendered speechless.

At the end of the day, this spirit artifact is a love-struck idiot!

Huang Yueli's lips twitched, asking unbelievably, "So, the main reason why you choose Li Moying is because…. he's handsome?"

Naturally, Little Lilac affirmed, "Obviously! To be able to follow such a handsome master, every day will be a happy day. Only then can I grow stronger and stronger~"



Both of them fell into silence again.

As Huang Yueli saw Little Lilac advancing towards Li Moying, she suddenly felt a sense of unpleasantness, as if someone has touched her items. And this made her out of sorts.

Actually, she knew clearly, as a spirit artefact, Little Lilac's wanting to get close to Li Moying is absolutely normal.

However, as she is simply a regiment of energy, the response should be very basic. By right, it should not have it's own thinking.

The way she spoke shows how love-struck she is, and it was highly possible that this had to do with the Armament Master's character who refined her.

As for the part on choosing her master based on looks, it's all nonsensical. Spirit artifacts usually use their profound attribute and congeniality to choose a master. This is the innate skill, so to end the story, Li Moying is much stronger than her.

Even knowing so, Huang Yueli sulked and show Li Moying an unpleasant look.

Li Moying totally misunderstood, thinking that she was upset that she didn't manage to snatch the god relic in time.

"Li'er, don't be angry. When we leave here, let me think of a way to see if we can break off this relationship and return the sword to you."

"No, I'm not willing! Master, you cannot do this to me!", Little Lilac screeched.