Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Amethyst Light Sword
Chapter 399: Amethyst Light Sword!
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Little Lilac's voice was both trifling and acute, making it particularly ear-piercing.

Huang Yueli frowned, "It's too noisy, restrain her quickly!"

Li Moying obliged, "Okay, I'll keep her away now."

Saying that, his right hand formed a hand print, with a lowered tone, "Seal!"

Little Lilac cried opposingly. Since she has recognised him as her rightful owner, she cannot go against whatever decision he makes.

Eventually, this starry-eyed infatuated girl was sealed back into the long sword.

Following Little Lilac's disappearance, two flowy elegant words appeared on top of the long sword's hilt – Amethyst Light!

"The sword name's Amethyst Light!" Huang Yueli exclaimed.

Armaments above ninth grade have their own names, and similar to any human being, each armament are unique.

As for Amethyst Light Sword, the name was already chosen by Master Yun Tian since it started its refining journey.

Li Moying's gaze was fixated on the Amethyst Light Sword, reluctant to part with it. The sword's is especially suitable for thunder attribute masters, not to mention it is an extremely good sword. Naturally, he likes it.

However, no matter how much he likes it, he calmly said, "Alright, it's quietened down. We can proceed to discuss how to cancel the recognition of the owner. You're the Armament Master, so you should have a greater understanding than me. Whatever you need me to do, just spill it out!"

Huang Yueli didn't utter a word but gave his a death stare.

So much that Li Moying innocently asked, "What's the matter now? Why the glum look?"

Huang Yueli said, "Of course there's a way to remove the recognition."

"That's great, no matter how arduous the task is, I will definitely do it!" Li Moying happily replied.

"Really?" Huang Yueli threw him a glance, "Then are you willing to commit suicide immediately?"

"What?" Li Moying was stunned.

Huang Yueli retorted, "It's not an easy task to achieve! This is a half divine relic! Earlier the spirit artifact's consciousness is very strong. It's not easy to make contact, unless you're dead. Otherwise she will follow you forever. So there's no way to remove it! Understand?"

An astonished Li Moying sulked upon hearing her words.

This type of outcome was totally not expected!

He wasn't concerned about his own life. However if Huang Yueli ran into danger, he will not hesitate to throw his life away for her.

Since their relationship was considered amicable now, how could he bear to die? To be frank, preserving this life will mean that he can continue to stick with Huang Yueli, protect her, seduce her…

Li Moying suddenly came across a thought. His eyebrows twitched and from the corners of his mouth, a smile appeared.

"What are you laughing at?! Shouldn't you have even a slightest sense of guilt?"

Huang Yueli looked at that pair of eyes overflowing with laughter and suddenly felt her heart skipping a beat. When she finally found her senses, she gloomily repented.

This man….. simply fouled!

Just because of his handsome looks, he keeps smiling!

Is he using his handsome looks as a ruse to con her?

Huang Yueli's guess may not be accurate, but it's not far from reality.

Li Moying stared at her slightly flushed face, and his smile grew deeper.

"Look, now that matters have turned out like this, it really wasn't intentional on my part to loot your sword. Moreover, you also seem to can't bear for me to die….."

"Why am I not willing? I am more than willing!"

Her thoughts were read by him and like a cat whose tail was stepped on, she jumped out and untrue to her own convictions, refuted him.