Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 401

Chapter 401: From Now On Im Yours
Chapter 401: From now on, I’m yours
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Li Moying touched his arm where he was pinched and using an aggrieved tone said, "Li'er, you're so fierce….."

"Who asked you to utter nonsense!" Huang Yueli furiously retorted.

Li Moying's lips curled upwards, giving off a black-bellied, sinister smile.

"Since when did I sprout nonsense? I'm just worried that you think this deal is a huge loss for you! Since I'm using myself as the chip, of course I'll have to explain all the 'uses' that comes along with me. Anyway, don't be worried and take my offer! You'll definitely won't be on the losing end! Otherwise I can strip to let you examine the goods. I'm sure my body will not let you feel disappointed…. Sob sob!"

"Shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!!!"

An enraged Huang Yueli pinched him harder than before.

Even though the person was Li Moying, he too, could felt soreness on his arm.

This little thing, had she no conscience? Was she trying to murder her own husband, twinging his arm in such a manner. Although they have yet to officially marry, it was still a marriage arrangement that had been set down by their parents!

What's more, the amount of strength she was using isn't little at all! It was definitely stronger, compared to the other practitioners in the Qi Profound Realm ninth stage. Needless to say why he favours this little fox so much!

Although Li Moying was pinched, he was still giving a disgusting grin. This made Huang Yueli extremely angry, yet there's nothing she could do!

Where on earth could you find such a man like him? He's definitely her arch nemesis!

In terms of power, she wasn't his match. In terms of schemes, this man was a level up from her. Most importantly, his skin was thicker than the palace walls! She stood no chances against him!

Huang Yueli stared furiously and warned, "Don't blindly talk further! I'm not selling this sword anymore. I'll gift it to you, alright! Take your sword and scram! I don't need you to sell yourself or any other form of selling at all!"

Seeing her enraged to the point of sending the sword to him as a gift, it made Li Moying laugh uncontrollably.

This young lass really…. was getting cuter and cuter.

But she said she didn't need him… what should he do about this?

Li Moying hastily rushed over, confessing in a justified tone.

"No way! It's always been my principle to not bully the weak! I must upkeep my words! Since I've accepted your sword, I'll definitely repay my debts. Li'er, don't worry! From now on, I'm yours!"

As Li Moying came closer, Huang Yueli subconsciously took a step backwards, hoping to draw some distance between them.

Prince Yu Wang knew what she was up to, so he went nearer and nearer, forcing her into the corner of a wall.

"Get further away from me! Is it necessary to come so close just to chat?"

His skin was really thick! How can be blindly talk about his principles? What kind of joke is that?

Li Moying chuckled, "I only wanted to close the gap for you to examine the goods! Have you seen clearly now?"

"Yes, it's clear enough!"


"No…..", Huang Yueli barely said a word and saw Li Moying moving his hand towards his chest and unbuttoned his top, showing off a piece of… his bare chest.

"What are you up to now!", an annoyed Huang Yueli cried out.

With a sly smile, Li Moying spoke, "Since you're not satisfied, I shall continue to exhibit myself until you are fully contented. "

Huang Yueli felt like slapping him to death!

Better still, use a dagger to stab him.

Unfortunately all the armaments she had brought along, were all used up in the previous battles. What remains were unlikely to cause any damage to Li Moying.

Her rounded eyes raged brightly as if there were fire in it, making her look even more like a little fox.