Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Feeding Medicine
Chapter 407: Feeding medicine
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She wanted to use all her might and wake him up, asking him what he has on his mind!

At this crucial moment of life and death, he wasn't concerned about his injuries, nor was he worried about the consequences of excessively bleeding. He was actually worried about the Magical Beast Core!

It was indeed difficult to obtain a Seventh Grade fire attribute Magical Beast Core. But what about it? If they missed this chance, they could always hunt for another. It would just take a bit more time.

Was he so persistent because she said she had 'urgent need' for it?

Even if Huang Yueli had thousands of words now, she was unable to convey it to Li Moying.

After she collected the Magical Beast Core, he lost consciousness and helplessly fell into her embrace.

At this moment, half of Master Yun Tian's cave dwelling had already collapsed. There was no time to waste.

Huang Yueli hastily dragged Li Moying, not sparing any effort, trudged towards the outside of the cave.

Finally, she succeed in bringing Li Moying out of the debacle before it collapsed fully.

Outside the cave where she had spent the night before, there were no signs of human habitation.

Huang Yueli carefully supported Li Moying to lie down on a piece of considerably smooth ground and lay him with his back facing upwards. Using a dagger, she carefully separated the clothes on his back, exhibiting his wounds.

Just one look and it made Huang Yueli's heart wince.

The scar started from his left shoulder and lasting all the way to his left waist. It was deep and malevolent. Due to the fact that the Flowing Cloud Fire Leopard had the fire attribute, this wound seemed like a burn wound. The side of the skin looked like it was burnt, with an unnatural hinge of purplish black colour.

Li Moying was in a state of comatose, which allowed Huang Yueli to do as she wished.

Huang Yueli frowned and using her mental concentration, she entered the Sky Phoenix Ring.

In the Hall's cupboards, there were plenty of pills with different varieties. A pity the Level was too low, it were all Second Level Upper Grade pills. However, Li Moying's injury was caused by a Seventh Tier Demonic Beast. The medicinal effect of the pills would not be able to help him much.

However, it was still better than nothing. Since there were so many pills, perhaps consuming in large volumes might have a superposition effect.

Huang Yueli read the labels on the medicinal bottles, selected a few which were of use and stuffed it all in her sleeves.

As if struck by a brainwave, she recalled the Spirit Saint Spring in the courtyard.

The Saint Spring Water was not only effective in nourishing the soul, it was extremely effective in healing wounds.

Huang Yueli searched for an extra large pail and scooped up an entire pail full of Saint Spring Water, bringing it to the world outside.

The wound on Li Moying's back was fairly easy to treat. Although the wound looked sinister, he was lucky it didn't hurt his internal organs. The serious part was that he lost a huge amount of blood.

Huang Yueli was not the type of girl who would tremble at the sight of blood. In this sort of circumstances, she was unusually tranquil and unflustered.

She kept to the working order of using the Saint Spring Water to wash his wound, followed by applying crushed medical pills on the wound. Lastly she used a clean white cloth to bandage the wounded area.

In between the process, Li Moying had moved once or twice but it was a type of reflex and not because he awoke.

After completing the treatment of his wound, she proceeded to change the posture of the unconscious Li Moying, allowing his head to lay on her lap. Supporting the back of his head, she tried to feed him the medicinal pills.

Li Moying's pale lips opened slightly as she pushed a pill into his mouth. Using a cup of Saint Spring Water, she tried to make him swallow the pill.