Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 410

Chapter 410: What Dayis It Today?
Chapter 410: What dayis it today?
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Huang Yueli hurriedly stepped backwards.

This was executed successfully because Li Moying had no strength at all to stop her from departing.

As if a cat's tail which was trodden, Huang Yueli nudged sideways and asked, "Li Li Moying, have you awoken? Do you feel better? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Li Moying slowly opened his eyes, but that pair of black and white eyeballs were now surrounded by bloody red veins; he looked terrifying.

"L Li'er"

He opened his mouth to speak but his voice sounded weak and hoarse, making it difficult to hear what he was saying.

Huang Yueli knew his injuries were serious but she had not expected his condition to be that awful after he gain back his consciousness.

Looked like the internal injury Li Moying suffered was much more serious than what she had expected initially.

She couldn't afford to care about awkwardness and moved next to Li Moying. She placed her palm on his forehead and realised that his fever had not subsided.

Frowning and with a troubled expression, she asked, "Li Moying, how how exactly are you feeling now? Your condition is very bad. Although your external wound have recovered mostly, but your internal injury.."

"I I know", he replied softly.

Huang Yueli urged, "Then what should we do? Do you have any way to contact your Sect? I had thought of waiting for Mo Yi and the rest to come and rescue you since you were unable to move, but it looks like. Your injuries we cannot wait any further..."

Li Moying closed his eyes, as if he was tired out from just speaking.

He didn't reply Huang Yueli's question, instead he asked, "What day is it today?"

Huang Yueli told him, "Today is the fourth day since you were injured, so today is the 15th day of March"

"What?? Already the 15th?"

Li Moying suddenly cried out in surprise.

His forehead started to spring out beads of cold sweat, he was appalled!

Luckily he managed to wake up today, otherwise...

However there wasn't enough time now. His injuries, were too serious that he was unable to move

How could he rush back in time?

Huang Yueli misunderstood his meaning and anxiously said, "Yea, you were unconscious for so many days! Do you know how worried I was! We have to quickly contact Mo Yi.."

Li Moying said in a low voice, "My interspatial ring. should have emergency. medication.."

His deadly pale lips were moving but Huang Yueli had to plaster herself on him in order to be able to hear what he was saying.

This lovable little fox was worried sick; her eyes were red and her hair was messy, and she was sticking close to him.

This scenario made Li Moying weakly curled the side of his lips, giving a faint smile.

What a waste this little thing practically threw herself at him But there wasn't anything he can do now!

However, looking at how worried she was for him, Li Moying felt heartened. For this expression that she showed, it was worth getting another serious injury as such!

Hiang Yueli looked at him intensely, "You have medication? Quickly, bring it out!"

Li Moying lightly took a breadth, bearing with the sharp pain, he forced himself to concentrate and opened his interspatial ring

The next moment, he held a porcelain bottle in his hand.

Huang Yueli swiftly received the bottle, "Are you sure this is effective? Then again, the medication you brought along are definitely high-quality grade. products Wait, What Is This?!"