Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 416

Chapter 416: Amethyst Light Sword Unseal
Chapter 416: Amethyst Light Sword, Unseal!
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They must settle this duel in the shortest time possible!

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and took out the remaining two pieces of Thunder Flame Balls from her Sky Phoenix Ring. While the two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures were distracted by Li Moying's attacks, she quietly crept behind them.

Following that, she used her special technique and threw out the two balls of Thunder Flame.

Her aim was extremely accurate, the two balls of Thunder Flame landed directly on the vultures' backs.

As compared to the size of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures, the effect was simply unnotable hence they didn't even notice the egg-like size of an injury.

However at this moment, Huang Yueli softly shouted, "Ignite!"

The Thunder Flame Ball instantly exploded with True Phoenix Flames bursting out, burning a large portion of the vultures' feathers.

After the two balls had exploded, the fire did not diminish. Instead it turned into eight hooked daggers, deeply embedding into the back of the vultures!

"Choo~~! Chooo~~!"

"Choo~~! Chooo~~!"

The two vultures were chirping in pain, turning their heads back to see what was hurting them.

At this moment, Huang Yueli had snuck into the forest and hid behind a huge trunk of a thousand year old tree.

Hearing the vultures' cry, she couldn't help but to snicker.

These two Thunder Flame Balls were her ingenious Top Quality concealed weapons which were created at the peak quality of her current level! Even if it was a Seventh Tier Magical Beast, it would definitely be injured by its tremendous power.

Knowing that the little fox was up to something, Li Moying reacted quickly and grabbed the opportunity.

He grabbed tightly onto the Amethyst Light Sword with his hands and murmured in a low tone, "Unseal!"

Blinding purple rays emitted from the Amethyst Light Sword and dyed its surroundings into a shade of purple. Following that, Little Lilac's figure reflected on top of the sword blade.

What's more, the size of her figure kept increasing till she matched the sizes of the White Winged Golden Crested Vultures.

Little Lilac's huge wings fluttered and the entire atmosphere was filled with electrode currents, making it hard to breathe.

Li Moying pointed the tip of the sword towards the vultures and Little Lilac immediately charged ahead.

Every single time her wings flapped, a bolt of electric current shot out. In an instance, the entire forest was covered with thunder and lightning, as if it had changed into a living hell.



The two White Winged Golden Crested Vultures had yet to recover from the attack that Huang Yueli inflicted, therefore they were unable to resist against the violent force that Little Lilac administered.

Moments later, the two vultures were electrocuted beyond imagination, rolled their eyes and began to descend straight from the sky.

Little Lilac's form gradually became smaller till she reached the size of a normal human being. She had a smiling expression and excitably threw herself into Li Moying's arms.

"Master! Mr Handsome! Ultra-handsome master! Was I strong, incisive and capable? All these were for you, master! As long as I get to see your handsome face, I will be filled with motivation every day!"

Little Lilac rubbed the back of her head against Li Moying's arms intimately.

Li Moying hadn't had enough time to response when he felt a penetrating line of sight staring straight at him.

He hurriedly turned his hear and saw the expressionless Huang Yueli standing behind him, harbouring evil intentions.

Li Moying immediately felt something was not right and beads of cold sweat started to form on his forehead and were slowing dripping.

He suddenly recalled that even though Little Lilac was a spirit artifact, her looks were exactly like a young lady..

Could this little fox be jealous?