Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Explain Clearly
Chapter 418: Explain clearly!
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Huang Yueli gave a hollow laugh and said, "This actually I have a special ability to tame beasts.."

This was not entirely a lie. Huang Yueli's coercion towards flying magical beasts was indeed a special ability, releasing the Little Phoenix, restraining spiritual pets! Looks like this routine could be used for quite some time.

Li Moying didn't question further and said, "Li'er, it's time for us to continue with our journey."

"Ok.", Huang Yueli nodded and allowed him to hold her waist without any resistance, so that she could keep up with his speed.

Just as Li Moying turned his head, Huang Yueli's face revealed an embarrassed expression.

When she called out to Li Moying earlier, she was indeed unhappy with Little Lilac staying put in his arms.

But when she saw the expression on his face, she suddenly realised that there was no reason for her to be unhappy.

Little Lilac was just a unit of energy!

Li Moying would probably not feel comfortable with a bunch of women, rather he must have felt very comfortable with an thunder attribute energy unit approaching him since they were of the same attribute. That explained why he had delayed response.

Furthermore, why should she feel uncomfortable for no reason? She was not Li Moying's real fiance!

That marriage arrangement. should not be valid right?

Huang Yueli felt she was getting more abnormal. The degree of caring for Li Moying seemed to have gone beyond what an average friend should have!

Naturally, she felt touched that Li Moying was willing to sacrifice his life for her, but wasn't Mu Chengying the same? The person she liked should be Mu Chengying, wasn't it?

While Huang Yueli was in a trance, she suddenly realised that their speed was gradually declining.

She abruptly called out in fright, "Li Moying, what happened to you? Is the medicinal effect wearing off?"


Li Moying had wanted to force himself to continue but the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill's effect was overbearing. It wasn't something that he could go up against just based on his willpower.

As though all his energy were drawn out of his body, he collapsed instantly.

"Li Moying!!!"

Huang Yueli screamed and rushed over to hold him up.

Li Moying leaned against her, his whole body weight pressing against her shoulders.

It was a good thing that Huang Yueli was a practitioner as well, so she was able to carry a grown man. But Li Moying's condition was really in bad shape, and that made her heart pound faster.

Previously, his face was pale-white but now it had begun to turn yellowish. He looked like he was on his last breath; his eyes shut, leaning against Huang Yueli's shoulder, she almost could not feel his breathing.

Huang Yueli continued to call his name and he silently gave a sigh and murmured a few words.

Huang Yueli didn't hear clearly so she pressed her ears nearer.

"What did you say?"

Li Moying sounded as though he was gasping for breath.

"Today. before sun sets. must. find Mo Yi.. otherwise.."

Before he could completed his sentence, he couldn't hang in any longer and fainted in Huang Yueli's embrace.

"Otherwise? Otherwise what? And how am I supposed to find Mo Yi? Tell me clearly!" Huang Yueli was frantic.

Li Moying was already in this condition, there was no way she could make him wake up to answer her queries.

Oh boy she didn't know course of action to take, not to mention that they were in the inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest, with a grown man who had lost consciousness!