Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Humans Are More Terrifying Than Magical Beasts
Chapter 420: Humans are more terrifying than Magical Beasts
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Although she didn't know the reason why Li Moying urgently had to locate Mo Yi, but during the entire journey, he didn't make a single move at all. If it wasn't for the fact that she could feel his weak breathing, Huang Yueli would have thought he had long died!

In his critical condition, she couldn't bear to continue with the entire journey with him on her back.

Early morning he had taken the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pill, then took part in a precarious battle and following that was the medication's reversal effects. During this entire duration, Huang Yueli kept on carrying Li Moying for several miles on her back without any time to rest!

Coming to this, Li Moying was indeed a high level practitioner, strong and valiant. If it was any other individual, they should have already kicked the bucket!

In between the journey, Huang Yueli had considered to stop and let him recuperate quietly and wait for Mo Yi to find them instead. However when she recalled how insistent Li Moying looked before he fell unconscious, she could only hung on and continue with the journey.

But now night had already fell and they were still unable to find the rest. She simply had no choice.

At the very least, she could not allow Li Moying to simply die like that right?

When Huang Yueli thought of this, she decided to set up a tent nearby to spend the night.

She took out a tent from the space within the Sky Phoenix Ring and started setting it up.

At this moment, she heard a ruckus and shuffling footsteps. Rays from fire torches were emitting in the forest and the party was travelling towards their direction, getting nearer and nearer.

Huang Yueli frowned and held Li Moying closer to her, raising a trace of precautionary measures from the bottom of her heart.

Very soon, the fire torches shone in front of them, and what had appeared were a group of ten over men, all of them very well built. At one look, all of them had strong power and behind them were several corpses of Fifth Tier Magical Beasts.

Huang Yueli squinted her eyes to size up the men and quickly made a judged that this should be a mercenary group that accepted an hunting assignment in the Dark Moon Forest's inner zone.

From the fact that they were able to hunt so many Fifth Tier Magical Beasts, their strength was indeed pretty good. This mercenary group should be quite well known in the South Sky Region.

But to meet someone at this critical junction was a bad thing.

In the Dark Moon Forest, if you didn't had enough powerful might, then meeting humans is a more terrifying thing than meeting Magical Beasts!

After all, Magical Beasts would not murder for money.

Especially this group in front, they don't look like they were harvesting any benevolence.

As for the both of them, one was seriously injured, the other's profound armaments were nearly used up, so their battle strength was equivalent to none.

If they were to fall into the hands of these people, won't they be at others' beck and call?

But since both parties have already met up, in this kind of dark night, this was the only safety zone which they could rest at so there was no possibility to avoid them at all.

Huang Yueli hung down her eyelids and furtively thought of different ideas.

At the same time, the mercenary group were also observing the both of them.

The leader of the mercenary group was a boor with a beard and a scar running across his face. He borrowed the fire torch's rays and stared at Huang Yueli and Li Moying for some time before he opened his mouth and queries.

"Who are you guys? Why are you here?"

Huang Yueli pretended to give a timid look, replying with fear and trepidation, "We We are. We are students from Celestial Light Academy and we came here to train. Initially we had a large group but in the middle of our journey, we were ambushed and lost our way with the main group. Can you tell us, what place is this?"