Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 424

Chapter 424: One Glance And You Know Shes A Chickling
Chapter 424: One glance and you know shes a chickling
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The fat soldier had disgraced himself and attracted the laughter from the other soldiers.

At this moment, he couldn't care less about Li Moying's interspatial ring.

At the same moment, bearded captain looked at the sky and told the others, "It's not early already, since the young lady had already passed us the engagement fee, then you're considered to be part of our group now. Come on and stay with us!"

Huang Yueli expressed, "We have our tent."

Her finger pointed at a small tent which was set up halfway and replied, "My senior and I will be staying in our own tent. There's no need to trouble all of you, brothers."

Bearded Captain didn't insist further.

Huang Yueli supported Li Moying and walked back to their tent.

She had just closed the curtain of the tent when the fat soldier could not resist grumbling to the bearded captain.

"Captain, you're too compassionate! Earlier when I said to get that man's interspatial ring, why didn't you help me? I only fell and you just let them go?"

While eyeing Huang Yueli's tent, bearded captain touched his moustache and slowly spoke out.

"What's the urgency? Look at you, you look as though you can't wait to reincarnate? And to make matters worse, you actually slipped and fell. Isn't it embarrassing enough? Didn't you see how seriously injured that man was? When that man is dead, won't that interspatial ring eventually fall into our hands?"

"That that's right too..", fat soldier retorted, "But, why must we wait? You're so polite to that little lass. Why can't we just snatch his things and deal with that lass? Anyway, we're deep in the forest, who will find out?"

Bearded captain heaved a deep sigh, giving him a resentful look for failing to meet his expectation and also for his impatience.

"Why haven't you gained any brains after being a mercenary soldier for so long! We are not in the city but in the inner zone of the Dark Moon Forest! There are so many Magical Beasts around, waiting for us to fall. If we were to struggle with that little lass now and she starts to run about screaming and alarms a powerful Magical Beast, then we are all going to be in deep s**t! What is more important, can't you tell?"

"But Captain, do you mean we must really protect these two little imps and help them leave the Dark Moon Forest? Then won't we make a huge loss? That little lass looks fresh, one look and she can tell she's a chickling, so dainty. *clicking his tongue 'tsk tsk'*. If she were to run away, I'd definitely be pissed off!"

Fat soldier couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency.

"Why don't you just die of stupidity!"

Bearded captain couldn't stop himself from exploding at the fat soldier.

"Who said anything about protect these two imps? Didn't we just managed to deceive them to join our group? When the night is deep and she is asleep, we will go bind and gag her, then. heh hei.. when this sort of stuff has happened, the little lass can only follow us around. As for that man, it's even easier to handle. Since he's already half-dead, perhaps he might just die in the middle of the journey. Or perhaps when we are attacked by Magical Beasts, we have the option to throw him out to shield us temporarily!"

Fat soldier's face immediately showed an enlightened look.

"I see! Captain, you're so brilliant for planning so far ahead. It's my fault, my fault!"

"It's good that you're aware now!", Bearded Captain heaved a long sigh, "Make preparations for tonight. In the middle of the night when that lass is fast asleep, we shall.."

Fat soldier hurriedly nodded, "Yes yes yes, I'll listen to captain's arrangement!"