Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 425

Chapter 425: A Full Moon Tonight
Chapter 425: A full moon tonight
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Saying that, his rounded face showed a wretched expression as he whispered, "Captain, the lass' first time definitely belongs to you. But luring her into our group, I have gained some credits as well. Can I be the second one, please?"

Bearded captain kicked his foot, "We're all brothers, what's there to snatch? How come I don't see your proactiveness when we're fighting the Magical Beasts?"

"Ooooh, Captain please be appeased!"

Fat soldier left mockingly.

The two of them lowered their voices and discussed quietly.

What they didn't know was the contents of all that they had discussed were overheard by Huang Yueli.

Both of them thought they had gone far enough and their voices were inaudible but with Huang Yueli's spirit consciousness was extremely strong, different from any ordinary Qi Profound Realm's experts' level, so naturally these could not be hidden from her ears.

Upon hearing the shameless and sinister plot, Huang Yueli started to laugh grimly.

These fellows had better not come, because if they did, she would let them know what is to use a rock and smash against their own feet!

In the tent, Huang Yueli cleaned Li Moying's wounds and wrapped him in a new bandage.

Li Moying's wounds had indeed ruptured during the day, or perhaps when he swallowed the Red Scorpion Blood Transfusion Pills, it had already ruptured.

By the time Huang Yueli undressed him, the white bandage was already soaked in blood. The blood stains had already dried and hardened as the bandage stayed stuck to his body.

Luckily Huang Yueli wasn't afraid of blood stenches. She used flames to illuminate the tent, slowly tore apart the blood stained bandage and carefully treated Li Moying's wound.

She took some pills out from the Sky Phoenix Ring and proceeded to feed Li Moying by mouth.

While she was feeding him the pills, she somehow wished that Li Moying would be like this morning, suddenly using his tongue out to caress her tongue.

She didn't feel as embarrassed as before and weirdly, she secretly hoped that sort of thing would happen again.

Only it didn't.

Li Moying lay on the Silver Wolf's skin, his eyes shut tight and pale lips, not making any movements at all.

The only thing worth celebrating was his heartbeat and breathing, although weak, it was very stable. It didn't look like he would be in critical situation anytime soon.

Huang Yueli obtained some materials for setting up arrays and some lower grade Profound Weapons, and proceeded to set it up in the tent.

If those scum mercenaries dared to come in tonight, they would definitely be very surprised.

After she was done with the preparations, she didn't have any intention to sleep so she sat by the entrance of the tent and silently observed the external situation through the tent curtain.

Outside the tent, the men kept walking around. They cooked, ate and arranged the manpower for night duty.

Fatty and bearded captain were well coordinated and proactively took this job.

The others were fully aware of their intentions so they teased them a little but didn't go any further than that.

Very soon, the others returned to their own tents to rest.

The night sky gradually grew darker but it was still pretty bright on the outside, unlike the normal dark nights.

Huang Yueli then noticed that there was a full moon tonight.

In between the crevice of the forest tree branches, a full moon could be seen vaguely, overlooking the land.

A few dark clouds were seen floating by the side of the moon.

"Dark clouds covering the moon this premonition it's not good at all!", Huang Yueli muttered to herself.

Just at this very moment, she heard a loud rustling noise, following a vague sound making its way through.