Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 427

Chapter 427: This Is Way Too Creepy
Chapter 427: This is way too creepy
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"Of of course that must be it it must be the little lass playing trick on us!"

Bearded captain wasn't too sure as well but at this very moment, he cannot show his fear, so he had to be confident of his conviction.

Fat soldier seem to have found his pillar of strength, continued to ask while trembling with fear, "Then captain, what should we do now?"

Bearded captain gritted his teeth and forcefully replied, "Since she's intentionally fooling with us, we don't need to stand on ceremony with her. Just tie her up and do whatever we want to do! Come, let's go!"

Fat soldier nodded, "Yes, let's go!"

Bearded captain waited for the fatty to make a move but he didn't.

He turned around and urged, "Fatty, why didn't you move?"

Fat soldier replied, "Captain, you.. weren't you supposed to go along with me?"

The saying, vile people has no guts, was typically referring to these two scums. Their words were loud but in their hearts, they were afraid of ghosts. They intended to let the other party go ahead first to verify the truth before going up themselves.

The result was both of them were thinking of the same thing!

Both of them glanced at each other and the bearded captain shouted, "Stop being long-winded, let's charge together! I don't believe in abnormality, just a first degree lass, what tricks can she come out with?"

Fat soldier could only agree, "Alright, let's charge together!"

Without any hesitation, both of them charged towards the direction of the female ghost.

That slender figure didn't move. Just as they were about to press her onto the ground, a moment of happiness flashed across the bearded captain's head.

"See what I said, it must be that stupid lass's tricks. Look now, she will have to quietly listen to us now oh? What's this??"

He had yet to finish his words when the figure suddenly flashed and in an instance, there were two of the same figures!

Both of them pounced onto emptiness and they faces were filled with trepidation!

"CaCaptain, how did this lass turn into two? Cou Could she really be a ghost?"

"No No idea, maybe it's some kind of deception?"

"Are you sure? I saw with my eyes wait, something is wrong. That female ghost has multiplied.."

At this moment, the two figures suddenly flashed together and this time, turned into four!

Following that, four figures flashed again and turned into eight identical twins.

Fat soldier was scared stiff, "S.So SO MANY.."

Bearded captain also turned pale, "This is way too abnormal! There must be a problem here, we cannot stay here any longer, let's.. let's retreat.."

Fatty was just waiting for this sentence so when he heard it, he immediately turned and ran!

The duo tried to get out of the tent but when they turned back, they could not find the hanging screen door!

"That's weird! Didn't we just walk in from here? Door? Where's the door?"

"To hell with it.. door, where's the door? There's no door?"

Both of them surveyed the surroundings and realised that the entrance had mysteriously disappeared. The surrounding was all white and there was no existence of any exit.

"What shall we do?"

"Who cares about the door? Let's just force our way out! No matter what, let's just leave this hell of a place!"

Bearded captain was indeed the stable one. Gritting his teeth, he staked everything in one throw.

Not waiting for them to take any action, the eight white floating figures flashed again and multiplied into sixteen!