Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Just This Bit Of Money? Are You Trying To Dismiss A Beggar
Chapter 429: Just this bit of money? Are you trying to dismiss a beggar!
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"Your nerves are made of steel, isn't it? How dare you even have designs on us and steal my interspatial ring? How should I make you pay for this matter?"

Bearded Captain hurriedly dug for Huang Yueli's interspatial ring and offered it back to her with both arms.

"Miss Yue, your interspatial ring here here! We have not touched anything inside, I guarantee that it's the same as before, nothing has changed! Please accept it!"

Huang Yueli lazily stole a glance at the interspatial ring but she didn't take it.

"What? Took my things? And hope that I treat that nothing had happened? Not even intending to compensate me?"

"Oh, yes...yes! Of course!"

Bearded captain quickly nodded and took out a pile of spirit stones from his own interspatial ring and placed it on the ground.

This pile was almost the height of a person, with at least a few thousand pieces of medium quality spirit stones. To a powerful group such as the Werewolf Mercenaries, this was worth a large fortune!

"Miss Yue, this is the reward that our Mercenaries has earned for this assignment, please kindly accept it!"

Beardy looked at Huang Yueli nervously, fearing her refusal to accept these.

Huang Yueli touched her chin and felt some satisfaction from this scenario.

Hmm, who would have known that the Werewolf Mercenaries was pretty rich. Just one assignment could gain that much earnings! Since that was the case, she should make hay while the sun rises!

However, Huang Yueli did not accept the offerings and added, "Just this bit of money? Are you trying to dismiss a beggar! The things you did today was not just to steal our items, you've also caused distress to my senior, causing his injury to be even more serious now! All these. are caused by you! Don't you feel ashamed? Guilty? Remorse?"

Every time she asked a question, bearded captain and fatty lowered their heads a little.

Finally, Huang Yueli concluded, "So, these amount of spirit stones that you had just offered. are barely enough!"

"Th then. then Miss Yue, what do you think we should do?"

Huang Yueli took a glance at the interspatial rings on their hands and announced, "You took my interspatial ring so naturally you should return another one to me as compensation. So that makes a total of two interspatial rings! Both of you please hand in your interspatial rings now!"

"Ah? interspatial ring?"


Both men became hesitant upon hearing the daylight robbery request.

Even though their minds were being controlled by the Sky Piercing Eye technique causing their judgement to be cloudy, their inner sense could still feel that the interspatial ring was something extremely valuable. The accumulation of the fortunes throughout these years of life and death situations, were all in it!

Huang Yueli sensed their hesitation and rose her eyebrows.

It was no wonder they were fifth degree realm practitioners, their willpowers weren't too bad..

While she was thinking, her fingers moved and once again activated the illusion array within the tent!

Silver-white sheen spilled down from above and blended together with the array pattern!

In an instance, all sixteen female ghosts appeared before their eyes again.

And this round their images were even more menacing and sinister; even their eyes started spilling blood and their eyeballs shone like luminous green ghost fires. Anyone who had seen this would feel a tingling sensation on their skin.

Both of them were scared out of their wits.

"Oh my god, Ghost! There's ghostsss~~~~~~!"

"Help! Save me!! I'm scared!"

Huang Yueli chuckled, "Go on, scream all you want to! Even if you screamed till you are hoarse, no one will come and save you!"